Last year around this time Hubs and I were going through a rough patch. I had been staying with my parents in Ohio, and had run into some difficulties with a few people I knew once upon a time. One way or another my car tire was stabbed (yes, stabbed not slashed) and it turned into a whole thing. It never did get formally resolved, but it did throw me for quite the emotional loop bringing up a lot of triggers which I was able to discuss with my therapist. 

I guess it’s been two days ago now, I had dropped Hubs off at work. He works second shift, so as I was on the way to pick him up I noticed a car with out of state plates which did a weird stop thing in the middle of the road after I drove by. Mind you, this is on the year anniversary of the tire drama explosion, and the car was from the same state I’ve been avoiding where my parents live. So it really caught my attention as odd, but I didn’t have time to investigate as I was already running behind picking up Hubs. Plus it was dark. I saw the make of the car and the out of state plate but little else. 

Yesterday when Hubs headed off to work, our tire pressure gage went off, but he was in such a hurry he really didn’t think anything about it. I asked him if the tires were okay on a completely unrelated different situation, and then it struck me. I laughed. Here we are, exactly one year later, and my tires have been compromised yet again after a creepy car shows up. Just a few months ago this might have thrown me into a complete PTSD panic attack, but instead this time I laughed at the amusing irony of the situation. 

It might not seem like a lot to anyone else, but that is a GINORMOUS milestone in my recovery. We haven’t checked the tires for what kind of damage they sustained, but earlier in the morning I had to drive through some accident debris while taking the Little to the doctor. Which is honestly why I asked Hubs if they were okay, before getting a good chuckle at the way life’s conincidences seem to abound around me. 

In other news, 18hrs of sleep later, I seem to have worked through the worst of this sick bug. I still don’t feel quite up to 100% just yet but I do feel a millionty times better. I am SO THANKFUL that I didn’t get stuck with sinus misery until the end of my pregnancy. I was sincerely worried there for a moment. It appears my immune system is just as beefy as it used to be before pregnancy. Take that cold!

Of course I think a lot of it has to do with the fact my mom is here helping with Little giving me time to actually rest, which I haven’t had the opportunity to do for quite a while. I’ve been able to take those half sleep mom naps, but not a full fledged deep sleep nap like I have this past week. Glorious! Glorious I say! Aside from minimal late pregnancy discomfort things seem to be chugging right a long. I’d rather have the babies in my uterus than the NICU so… Can’t really complain about that. 

Now I just have to catch up on all these posts I’ve missed being sick for two days. Lol.