Posting on the Weekend, WHAT?!

Yeah… usually weekends are reserved for family time at the House of Hale, but this weekend Hubs is sick with some sort of cold/flu/cough sickness and the Little is catching up on all the sleep she missed out on skipping her naps this week. So… it’s just me and the Twins up and about. I actually tried to lay down and enjoy the quiet, but the Twins weren’t having it. lol. They kept wiggle/squirming around until I got up.

I’m going to miss their kicks and wiggles after they’re born. They haven’t quite reached the stage where it’s super painful when they move, with the exception of a knee or super surprise kick here and there so it’s just kind of comforting when they scoot around or hiccup. It doesn’t particularly make sleeping very easy with two little people squirming around, but it isn’t to the point where I want to make them stop. lol.

In other news, I’m having a really difficult time trying to figure out what to buy my 14yr old niece for her birthday in a few weeks. She’s been having some trouble recently and has been grounded more often than not so I’m really at a loss. I can’t figure out what to get her when she really can’t leave the house, and I don’t want to defy her parents punishment in anyway. I personally think it’s too harsh and way overboard, but… not my kid, not my call.

Yet… what do I get her? She’s had all of her electronics taken away so I can’t get her apps or CDs or music. I thought about maybe getting a gift certificate to the local theater, but she can’t go anywhere. Even getting a generic gift certificate to a store for clothes or something isn’t going to work for the very same reasons, and most of her make up is on super restriction too. Yeah, I know what young teens want/like but when none of those things are an option…?

It’s especially difficult because I identify with her so much. I was the exact same way at 14, and also trapped under mega over controlling parents. What happened when I turned 18? I moved out with the first guy who really showed any interest in me and went through a LOT of crazy stuff that I was completely unprepared for. I don’t regret that period of my life, nor meeting any of the people in it. Yet at the same time if I could impart any bit of wisdom from the experience to my niece and possibly prevent her from making some of the same mistakes, I would. Just like I plan on sharing my experiences with my Little when she gets older.

Knowing my Little, it’s not going to matter what I say. She’s going to have to learn the hard way just like me. lol. I can already tell, but I think my niece would benefit from at least hearing from someone outside of her very enclosed circle of influence. Hearing from a POSITIVE perspective. I mean. Not peers, because much of what is getting her in trouble is the people she chooses to associate with. I don’t know… birthday gift first, teenage angst next.