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We’ve finally conquered potty training at home. My Little has been in undies all week with only one accident, which was mostly because she was distracted playing with the dog and didn’t make it to the bathroom in time. At HOME we have no issues, but going anywhere in public we have a DEFCON 5 epic meltdown. Screaming, crying, absolute meltdown, even if she really has to go. She can tell me that she is afraid, but she hasn’t really been able to communicate WHY she’s afraid so we don’t really get anywhere. 

Today after being away from home for three hours, knowing full well that her little bladder needed some relief we set out to conquer the public restroom. Well, honestly we started with the family restroom at Walmart. I didn’t really need anything, but I knew they had a kid size toilet there and figured we’d start small. She had used it earlier this week without issues so I assumed if nothing else at least she wouldn’t have an accident while we completed our errands elsewhere. So we went into the room, locked the door, and she excitedly went to start her business. 

Earlier in the week I had her sweater to throw over the auto flush sensor, but today I didn’t have anything handy. I tried to place my purse over it but just as she was getting ready to sit down my purse slipped and it flushed. She bounced up and away from that toilet faster than I’ve ever seen her move before and started to panic. I managed to calm her down before we reached meltdown status, but then she was too frightened to even get near the toilet again. 

So… Being mega pregnant, trying to comfort my frightened toddler before she lost control of her bladder, without any other resource available I plopped myself right down next to that tiny toilet, covering the sensor with my hand, negotiating with my Little for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes on a public bathroom floor!! All the showers in the world can’t take away the creepy crawly feeling, BUT Little did eventually make her way back to the toilet successfully. Plus she was finally able to communicate the cause of her fear. She doesn’t like toilets because she is worried she will get sucked down during an errant flush. 

Not quite sure how to help her with that one. I mean obviously she won’t be flushed, even if she slips and falls in or something but her three year old reasoning skills don’t see it that way. At least it’s not a random mysterious panic attack anymore, but I’ve yet to find a solution. Hmm… Maybe I’ll have to go buy an inexpensive plastic doll to illustrate toilets don’t flush children? 

In other news, the whole not working out thing lasted about a week. Lol. Mostly because I stubbed my toe on my barbell at home, then I kept thinking about it. Just staring at me, mocking me from under the bed… So I pulled it out and did some short sets of a few movements. Not nearly the same as actually making it to the gym, but at least I don’t feel like a lump anymore. Sitting still has almost made me feel worse than trying to keep up with my workouts. 

Little and I have been trying to get out and go for a walk in the evenings, but we seem to have traded using the toilet for naps. She has only napped about 45min during the course of this week, so by the time I actually make dinner and get myself prepared to go walking she is almost a zombie and ready to sleep. We’ve made it around the block once this week, and now the weather seems to be turning cold again. So much for that. Lol.

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