It’s been four years since our wedding ceremony!! Not technically our anniversary since we did the deed at the courthouse, an hour before he had to go in to work one afternoon in March, but four years ago today we celebrated with our families and did the traditional ceremony hoopla. Dress, wedding party, music, dance, etc. 

I’m kind of glad we did both. Mostly because we were so nervous/excited on our actual wedding day that we totally forgot to get any pictures and the lady behind us in line at the clerks office was our witness. Lol. At least this way we have pictures to share with our Littles, and quite an experience to remember lol. The entire thing was done without a rehearsal, no body knew what they were doing and there were so many awkward moments between Hubs’ parents and step parents it was like an episode of the most cheesy sitcom imaginable. 

I thought it was hilarious watching the families awkwardly intermingle, so it didn’t phase me one bit. Hubs on the other hand was so uncomfortable I felt kind of bad for him. I should have known then we’d run into issues between the different family dynamics. Nothing we haven’t been able to overcome, but the past few years haven’t exactly been easy. lol.

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