A Healthy Horse

Since I’ve been blessed with an abundance of time here recently, I’ve returned to my ultra domestic roots. In other words: COOKING ALL THE THINGS. I always try to have dinner ready for Hubs when he gets home from work, but recently I’ve been cooking a lot more for myself and the Little for breakfast and lunch. She isn’t quite sure what to do, since usually we’re drinking protein shakes and scarfing down cereal or breakfast bars running out the door in the morning. Surprisingly, she also eats just about whatever I’m eating. lol.

We had a bacon, cheese and jalepeno omelette today with yogurt and my guilty pleasure chocolate almond milk. She calls jalepenos “spicy pickles”. lol. She gobbled it right down like it was her job. Which isn’t entirely surprising since all I ate during my pregnancy with her was spicy Mexican food. Those old wives tales about spicy food inducing labor? Yeah, not so much. She was two weeks late.


After such a breakfast success, I got wildly motivated and dug out my Southern cooking skills to whip up dinner. A co worker had given Hubs a bag of garden fresh green beans, which I’d never actually cooked before. Green beans were pretty much a staple growing up with my grandparents from Kentucky, but they were generally picked, broken and immediately canned or dried for seeds. We always had mason jars of beans to fix, but never did I see a pot cooked up after being picked and broken. So I set out to the interwebs. So many recipes that I want to try, but none that I was actually looking for to give them the familiar flavor I was craving. They still turned out really tasty, but just not the same as the home canned goodness.

I also whipped up some redskin mashed potatoes, and my signature Paleo meatloaf. Not entirely sure how much difference the Paleo loaf made considering beans and potatoes aren’t Paleo diet friendly, but I like the different texture and flavor of the Paleo loaf. Hubs isn’t exactly a fan, but he doesn’t complain. lol. Plus, Little seems to like it over the traditional grain heavy loaf Hubs prefers. It doesn’t look like much all broken up in a pile there on the plate, but oh so delicious.


And finally, in addition to my new cooking frenzy I’m also in a supremely crafty mood. I’ve been making hand made Christmas gifts for Hubs’ family the past few years now. Usually I wait until December to start on them, but since I’m going to be busy with two newborns this year I picked up all of my supplies and finished them up this week. The one and only time I was glad to see they put Christmas stuff out so freakishly early these days, which allowed me to find and purchase all the supplies I needed. lol.


This year was the first year Little was able to really help me with them. She stuffed pompoms, and stuck star stickers like a pro. lol. Fun fact for others who also wish to craft this year: The new glass ornaments don’t have super sharp edges underneath the hangers anymore! They’re rounded, making crafting with Littles far less hazardous and much more fun. I actually think I might pick up a few more boxes in up coming weeks and make some more for our own tree.

Anything to keep me occupied and semi productive now that I’m pretty much stuck in the house. I tried walking around the block the other day and it was too much for me. These babies are getting too big too fast. My lungs are squished, my diaphragm is spread thin. and all of my muscles are achy. Yes, it’s all part of a long pregnancy which I am grateful for, but oy does it make my usually super physically active heart hurt. lol.

How often does one have dreams of running for fun? Especially me, someone who’s weakest point is cardio! Yep… the past few nights I’ve been dreaming of going out and taking a nice fun run. Soon… soon I’ll have two healthy new babies, and then I can run my little heart out. Until then I’ll cook for an army, eat like a horse, and craft like a retired grandma. lol.