Rip Roaring Good Time

Those of you who have been following my pregnancy adventure this past year will remember the Respiratory Infection of Doom which morphed into pregnancy induced asthma during my first trimester. It was an absolute mess of hospital visits, dislocated ribs, misdiagnosis, and discomfort. 

Well, while the infection itself hasn’t returned, I have managed to tear myself nearly in two sneezing last night. I’ve been struggling with abdominal separation for several weeks now (the cause of my lumpy bump) which is one of the reasons I decided to stop my workout routine. You know, to prevent injury. Ha! Almost a week after my final workout, and a sneeze does me in. I actually felt ligament and muscles straining to the point where I sincerely thought I tore something. Now, it doesn’t seem as severe, but OMG DID IT HURT. 

It feels like an internal sunburn. You know that weird stretchy itchy feeling you get when a sunburn starts to heal? Yep. Imagine that same feeling UNDERNEATH your skin. There isn’t much traditional medicine can offer in ways of relief for the discomfort, aside from actually delivering the babies anyway, so I set about researching my other favorite methods of muscle recovery one of which being kinesio taping. It’s basically this stretchy fabric tape which under proper application provides support and increases blood flow promoting healing. 

My chiropractor does applications, and it works wonders for my workout related strains and sprains. I don’t know why it WOULDN’T work in this scenario but I’m a bit hesitant to go literally taping my abs back together while pregnant. The same application is just as effective postpartum, and I have no issues with that. I just want to ask my doctor first with the babies on board. Lol. Mostly because the application covers my entire bump, and I’m not sure that’s a good idea this late in the game where an emergency delivery could be necessary. The tape is water proof and super adhesive. Having it ripped from my flesh in an emergency is not something I wish to experience. Lol.

So, until I can get ahold of my doctor, I am dealing with internal sunburn itchy burning, and difficulty doing pretty much everything. Abs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing to your physique, they are pretty much the reason people can people. With them injured and stretched to oblivion you really take notice. Oy.

Aside from that, everything looks great pregnancy wise. I had my monthly ultrasound yesterday and the Twins are doing just fine. Growing a bit a head of schedule actually. B1 is 3lbs, and B2 is 3lbs 9oz. As long as B1 doesn’t STOP growing, 9oz is an acceptable weight difference, taking a huge worry off my shoulders. Unless an unforeseen complication arises, there is currently no medical reason I won’t be able to carry them to term. *victory arms* 

B2 was also FINALLY head down when we started the procedure, but managed to wiggle his way sideways before it was all said and done. I’m hoping he settled back down to where he belongs. A natural delivery would be so much easier to recover from… But I’ve been ranting about that for months. Lol. No need to rehash it for the tenth time.

I’m pretty excited my chances of a super preterm delivery are dwindling by the day, but I’m also a little frustrated with my recent discomfort. The maternal part of me says: “Yay! Full term, healthy babies! Easy delivery! Faster recovery!” But the selfish part of me says: “Really? We have to do this for HOW MUCH LONGER? Get these things OUT already!” Lol. All in good time, all in good time. 

4 thoughts on “Rip Roaring Good Time

  1. I feel you pain. I pulled an ab with all my coughing and sneezing with this damn re-play of my cold. I couldn’t even imagine doing while having babies in there. Ouch!


  2. I think I literally felt pain reading this lol you deserve a medal when it’s all over! I’m glad despite these things you and the twins are well and I’m crossing my fingers for you on a natural delivery. Take care and take it easy Momma! 🙂 xo

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