Another One Bites the Dust

I successfully completed my fitness goal for my pregnancy. *victory arms* I’m currently finishing up my 29th week, and managed to get a great workout in yesterday. This is just a photo op, post workout. I have bump pics gallore but no work out pics, and I really wanted to have at least one or two especially since this is my last pregnancy. 

Pictured, is an over head squat at 55lbs. Not the most impressive weight, but considering I did it after everything else programmed and then some I’m quite pleased with my form and the pictures turned out really cool. A little momento to show the Twins when they get older. I wish I had a more photogenic round bump instead of my lumpy bump, but it is what it is. Stupid abs, being defined. How dare they!! Lol.

This is the most frustrating part of this stage of my pregnancy. I can sit there and lift for an hour, but I can’t do the dishes with out horrible round ligament pain, I can’t bend over to pick up toys or anything that gets dropped on the floor without getting light headed, and I have a horrible time trying to keep up with my Little both in general and crawling around to play with her. The stupidest little things that are usually a breeze, are just ever so slightly out of my reach. 

It’s best that I start slowing down in preparation for labor, I know that, but it just might be my undoing! I feel like a lazy lump lounging around on the couch all the time. Even if it’s just for an hour or two, it feels like I am trapped. Of course, after some medical issues a few years ago even before I was super active, I learned my lesson about not taking it easy after a major health altering event. I ended up hurting myself in all sorts of ways after that fiasco. 

This time, I know better, so I will take my full recovery time. I’ll grumble and complain the entire way, but I will take it… Maybe.