Midnight Madness

Hubs was flailing around last night and nearly ran me out of bed. It doesn’t happen very often, but oy does it set a weird emotional tone for the day. I’ve been awake since 5am battling anxiety and weird emotional… I don’t want to call them flashbacks because it’s not a memory of a specific event, it’s just a weird lingering emotional hum vibrating through me. A good thing, and testiment to my recovery progress, but difficult to deal with anyway. Especially so early in the morning, interrupting my sleep. I already have two little wiggly people bouncing around in my midsection rousting me from sleep these days, I don’t need Hubs to get flaily on me right now too. Lol.

In other news, we did officially decide to get our Little a flu shot this year. I’m not one of the… What are they calling themselves now?? “Crunchy” parents? Anti-vaccine, all natural everything, science be damned type parents? Anyway… I don’t subscribe to those parenting philosophies, but we do usually skip the flu shots as a family. I’ve never had one, Hubs had one years ago, and we’ve never made the choice to give our Little one until this year. 

Our pediatrician is supportive of our decision, but she did say if there was a year we decided to try it, it should be this year with two new Littles in the house. I think I mentioned that in a previous post last week but I’ve got some serious Pregnancy Brain going on and I really can’t remember what I’ve written about in the past few weeks. Lol. This is why I’m writing it down!! 

None the less, this year we opted to go for it. I wanted to discuss it with Hubs before I made the decision so we didn’t go ahead with it at our most recent appointment. I called to schedule one specifically for her flu shot only to find out the pediatrician doesn’t have any in stock right now. They’ve already run out this year, but should have some in the next few weeks. I COULD take my Little to one of those little minute clinic places or practically anywhere to get one, but I’ve decided to wait for the pediatrician. I don’t know that it really makes any difference, but I feel better about it. Plus, living in a small town, Hubs’ cousin is the nurse at our doctors office. Lol. Little is much more comfortable there. 

Speaking of doctors, I still haven’t heard anything about my test results, unless they’re going to call me this afternoon. I had assumed if there was an issue they would call me yesterday, but if my doctor had to look at it and make a treatment decision I probably won’t hear until today. If I still don’t hear anything by today, I’m going to assume everything is fine and proceed with eating as usual. Especially since the chocolate cravings have kicked in. That’s mostly to due with my anemia more than anything else, but man have they reared their ugly head with a vengeance.

I’m trying a new approach and going for dark or minimally sweetened chocolates. It seems to be doing the trick without skyrocketing my sugar intake. Winning!! If I can manage it, I really want to stick to my clean eating goal starting in January, but it depends on what happens to our budget after the new Littles arrive. If they’re healthy and to term it won’t be an issue. If they have to spend any time in the NICU things might get a little dicey. My goal is to get back to strict Paleo in preparation for the CrossFit Games Open next Spring, as long as my body cooperates with my postpartum recovery, and I’m able to maintain my milk supply. There are ways to do it, maintain milk supply on a strict Paleo diet, but it will boil down to if I can find the necessary foods at a decent price locally. I know it will boost my athletic performance, but sacrificing my Littles’ food supply isn’t worth it. There is always 2017 for the Open. My new Littles will only be infants in need of Mama Milk in 2016. 

*sigh* My last Littles, in 2016. What a weird tangent of thought to wander off to. See? Exhaustion and pregnancy brain do not mix. Lol. 

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