Doomsday Preppers: Baby Edition!!

I feel kind of foolish stock piling all of this baby stuff. Every one keeps reminding me that if I end up having the surgery I’ll be stuck at home for almost two months unable to drive, plus tending to two newborns so having it on hand isn’t unreasonable. Yet, I still feel foolish. Like the doomsday preppers, or extreme cuponers who have entire rooms dedicated to their stash. Lol. This isn’t even half of what we have, and now since my mom in law randomly decided to throw me a baby shower, there is the potential for even more stuff to be added to our stock.

Whatever we don’t end up using I plan on donating to a women’s shelter, or family services. It’s not going to be wasted, I just don’t think we NEED anything else and my polite sensibility is highly conflicted with my minimalistic tendencies at the moment. I don’t want to tell people no who are offering gifts, but I don’t know what in the world we’re going to do with any more diapers, wipes, or newborn clothes. The things I actually need are all breastfeeding related and Hubs’ family is very uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding in general, and definitely won’t go buy my supplies. That’s what I needed most last time too, and I was left hanging in the wind trying to scrape together the money on my own.

This time around we’re in a much better financial situation, so it’s really just a matter of placing the order or making my way down to the specialty baby store to pick it up. I’ve just been preoccupied with everything else and haven’t made the time to do it. 

We did finally get the rest of our baby gear picked up and assembled this weekend which was nice to sort of get that out of the way, even if I do go full term. I have my next ultrasound on the 5th to see what’s going to happen. If B2’s rate of growth is still substantially higher than B1 I’m not entirely sure what they’re going to want to do. I was joking with Hubs about being that couple who has twins born in two separate months. Lol. Have the c-section to deliver B2 and allow B1 to have the womb to himself until nature takes its course. Medically unorthodox, making it highly unlikely, but that would just be my luck. 

Really now that they’re 29 weeks and viable, it’s just a matter of my medical team making the decisions from here on out. I trust my doctor completely so it’s not so much an issue for me. Hubs will have a difficult time if the Twins arrive any time in an unexpected fashion. He’s almost leaning to having an elective c-section just so we will know when the babies will be here. With our first Little he was nervous, with TWO impending Littles he is a basket case. Lol.

I keep telling him 6-8 more weeks and he’s like: “No! Months! You have months left to go!” Lol. Infants make him super nervous. Even our first Little made him nervous, but I think he’ll warm up to the whole idea after they’re here. At least I hope so. 

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  1. I’ll be making the drive north if we run out of baby wipes in my area, you can’t never have to much on hand and besides what you don’t use sounds like it’s going to a good cause anyway so that’s a win win.

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