Not Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Today was a busy day spent running around. I got a lot accomplished, taking the dog to the vet for her follow up post spay, shopping for Hubs’ birthday presents, and eating at absolutely every opportunity possible to prepare for my up coming fast. Yep, I have my three hour glucose test tomorrow to rule out gestational diabetes which begins at 7:30pm tonight with a twelve hour fast.

I know it’s important for my own health as well as the health of my Littles, but I absolutely dread it. Mostly because I had such a horrible experience with my first Little. Not only did I have to fast, but I was anemic (same tune, different day) and after taking quite a bit of my blood the staff at the hospital didn’t have anything on had for me to eat to stabilize my blood sugar. Except: prune juice. So here I am dizzy, starving, pregnant, and the only thing I have to keep myself from passing out is prune juice on an empty stomach.

Needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience and it was all for naught. My blood sugar was fine. I’m not sure why they can never figure that out with the one hour test, but they can’t. I was hoping to avoid the three hour nightmare this go around. Unfortunately I didn’t. 

I think I’m more nervous about the entire test itself than the results. Since my pregnancy is nearing its final weeks, even if I do have to alter my diet or control my blood sugar it shouldn’t require anything drastic. I just don’t want to be sick all day tomorrow. I dread that feeling more than anything else. The mental fog, general sick feeling, and the lethargy. Bleh… I’m getting anxious just writing about it. Time to go get some more snacks. 

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  1. I’m a pain in the butt. When I did it…I got so sick I ended up in the hospital. So for my second, I refused. And this time I told them not to even bother. I’ll just stay in my healthy preggo diet. And they said “OK”…I refuse to get that sick. Just thinking about it….makes me sick.

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