My Body Said NOPE

So I’ve been plodding right along with this pregnancy, doing great from the beginning of my second trimester until now the beginning of my third. My weight isn’t out of control, I’ve been able to keep up at the gym, my iron levels have been stable (which is a constant struggle for me with or without pregnancy) and the babies have been growing and developing right on track. Sailing right along with out a complication in sight. Until yesterday when everything went to complete crap.

It started with that awful glucose test which always throws me for a loop. The drink itself isn’t bad, but my body and glucose do NOT get along. I was only a few points too high on the test, just like I was with my first pregnancy, but because gestational diabetes is such a big deal, I have to take the three hour test on Friday. A twelve hour fast, followed by three blood draws, on an anemic pregnant lady. Oh, yes, my body decided to stop absorbing iron too in addition to rejecting the glucose. So I now have to take an iron supplement twice daily with orange juice… not too much of an issue as long as I’m not diabetic!!

In addition to all of that great news, B2 is breech and slightly bigger than B1 making the likelihood of a c-section a very real possibility. Honestly the more I’ve been reading about it, the more I’m okay with the surgery. I really wanted to keep them as close to full term as possible, and deliver naturally until I started reading about all the complications and horrible things that could happen to the second twin, even if he does end up turning around. My doctor is on board with a natural delivery as long as B2 turns around, but he really isn’t comfortable attempting a breech especially since B2 is the bigger twin and there’s no way to tell which way he’ll turn, or if he gets tangled in his cord, or if the placenta prematurely detaches, and eight hundred other things that could possibly happen to poor B2.

B1 is sitting with his face literally smashed up against my cervix. lol. He is ready to go at a moments notice, but being the first twin in position there really aren’t many complications for him as far as a natural birth is concerned. Just like my first Little, he would fly right out of the womb if given the opportunity, which would be better for him if his brother would cooperate and turn around. My doctor also said that we could deliver B1 naturally and if necessary deliver B2 by c-section, but then my entire lower half would be torn asunder and I REALLY don’t want to go through a double recovery. GOOD LORD NO. Recovery from my first Little wasn’t too bad. I never had to take anything stronger than ibuprofen to manage the pain, and things healed up nicely. But I also didn’t have myself sawed open in the middle to contend with as well.

So I’m frustrated today because of all of that, and I’m still out of whack from the glucose test! I had insane crazy dreams all night last night preventing me from really getting a good night’s sleep, and no matter what I eat I still feel off. Which I don’t understand. I can sit here and eat a tub full of sugary ice cream and not have any issues, but give me straight glucose and I want to kick puppies. Plus, I currently weigh 20lbs less than I did BEFORE my pregnancy with my first little, I’ve been exercising like crazy, my diet has been much better and I’m still having issues?? When I’ve been in perfect health since we got my asthma under control?? What happened? Where did my iron go? Why is my pancreas revolting all of the sudden? Two weeks? Two weeks since my last appointment and then my body said: NOPE.

ARGH… it will be okay. After my three hour test last time I was just fine. So since I had the same over all score I assume this test will be fine as well. It’s just a minor annoyance, and the babies are still doing well so I really shouldn’t complain. I SHOULDN’T, but I’m going to. lol.

3 thoughts on “My Body Said NOPE

  1. (((hugs))) You have very right to complain! That’s quite a list! lol. I hope that B2 cooperates and that everything goes well 🙂 Good for you for sticking to a proper diet and exercise routine! A lot of people have trouble with that and they’re not pregnant with twins and dealing with medical complications. I officially have no excuse…*gets butt off couch* lol


  2. First of all, I’m not a woman and if I was, I am too olderly to messing ’round having babies; second, I’m not a doctor; third, as a dad I will always recommend peanut butter–if you’re not allergic to it. Peanut butter solves the world’s problems, if only for as long as it takes to get from the spoon to your tummy. 🙂 Prayers are with you for a healthy, successful delivery.


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