A Family Affair

We finally got our grocery shopping schedule rearranged to the weekends this week. I’ve been going through out the week since my Little was born just to get out of the house and keep from going stir crazy, but as my bump continues to grow, and my energy continues to drop with the pregnancy it’s just become too much. Plus, we had planned on switching to the weekends when Hubs is home after the Twins arrived anyway. This weekend was our first attempt. One trip, to two stores, list and budget in hand took us almost four hours.

Most of that was actually drive time down to Indy and back, it didn’t take us too long once we got to the stores, but getting there was a beast and a half. It’s our own personal choice. We don’t HAVE to drive down to Indy, there are grocery stores in Nowheresville, but we choose to go a bit out of the way to pick up as much organic meats etc as we can. We feel better, it’s better for the Little, and in all honesty it is only $10 more weekly than the local stores traditional meats and produce. Why WOULDN’T we take a little extra time out of our weekly shopping day?

So we all piled into the car and trekked down to the store. For me, it isn’t too much of an issue, but Hubs and Little had quite a difficult time making their way through the hustle and bustle of the busy store. It’s usually empty during the week, and Little was severely overwhelmed by the amount of people there during the weekend. She seems to have inherited Hubs’ social anxiety. With him also freaking out at the amount of people, it was a little bit difficult. Especially with me reading off the list and calculating our spending to make sure we stayed on our budget. I had the list in one hand and my phone/calculator in the other, scouring the aisles looking for the things we needed and checking prices and ingredients. I left Hubs and Little in the dust a few times quickly navigating my way through and around other shoppers grabbing what we needed. lol.

We all managed to get out of the store in one piece, coming in just about $30 under budget, before we headed off to the next store. Hubs and I were raised with very different mindsets as far as nutrition go, so while the Littles and I eat primarily Paleo, Hubs needs his comfort food… which is actually why we have to go to two different stores. Providing for two different diets in the house hold. lol. Maybe now that Hubs is joining me on our shopping adventure he will understand why I often skip over some of the things he enjoys eating. lol.

He did already say how much he understood why I was so exhausted after shopping day, especially after helping me wrangle the Little. And that’s just with ONE Little, I’m forever thankful that he’s decided to help me after the Twins arrive. I’m sure I could figure it out with enough practice, but right away, while they’re both super fresh newborns? Ha! We’d be lucky to get a box of spaghetti and milk if I had to wrangle all three by myself right off the bat. lol. It will make for a smoother transition this way, plus I kind of enjoy going as a family. It’s something fun, different, and gives us an excuse to be together for an afternoon. It has to be done anyway, so why not do it together?

One thought on “A Family Affair

  1. It’s like we have the same life…except, I need the comfort food…lol shopping is so tiring, but now we go to Wegmans. It is crazy busy, but they have a day care, which you have to show your ID when you drop them off, when you pick them up and they give you a pager in case they need you. It makes life so much easier. Babe here hates crowds, so it’s almost like having a child complaining with you, so when I can, I leave everyone at home. It doesn’t happen often. I do not know j. The least how to manage twins, but I sure wish you luck because you will have some skills that will make u one tougher chick!


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