Vectren Victory

FINALLY heard from a customer service supervisor about the meter shenanigans after calling twice and threatening to cancel my meter inspection/replacement until I heard from someone. Supposedly they are going to erase my back estimated bills and start over from the meter installation tomorrow. That’s what I’ve been promised, but I was also told that someone would call me back within 48hrs on Wednesday… It was Monday, and I had to call THEM twice. Either way, as long as they don’t try to charge me for all the months they couldn’t get their stuff together I am appeased for the moment. We’re still getting a new water heater ASAP, and pricing an electric furnace but a new meter certainly won’t hurt going into the cooler weather.

Although, now I’m a bit worried that our meter has been broken for much longer than the past few months when they decided to take notice and our bill this winter is going to be outrageous. As long as they don’t charge us for anything aside from what we use, I’m okay with that. I mean we are using it, and I’m not going to try to swindle them out of anything. I will pay for it as long as it isn’t some off the wall estimated number they pull out of a hat based on my neighbors whom all have houses with nearly twice the square footage of ours. 

Seriously, we are one of four smaller houses on the block. The rest are two story bi-levels. Our single story, three bedroom is NOT going to use as much gas to heat. Plus we don’t have a gas range, and 75% of my hot water usage is restricted to twice a week unless Hubs takes an extra shower, or the Little needs an extra bath through out the week. We just don’t use that much gas until winter when we turn on the heat. When my bill jumped from $20 a month during the summer last year, to $50+ this year based on their “calculations” and our usage, nor the price of fuel has changed? Um no. I call shenanigans. 

My neighbors also have six to seven adults/teens living in their bigger houses. Two adults and soon to be three small children aren’t going to go through hot water like adults and older kids will. At least not until I have to add an extra laundry day to keep up with the Twins clothes, even still. I don’t want my bill estimated on my neighbors, nor do I want to enroll in their so called “budget” billing program and pay $100 monthly year round, and hope that when they finally get around to checking my usage they will credit me an appropriate amount for over payment. If their estimates are so accurate I shouldn’t HAVE any over payment… But there we go again, neighbors, previous homeowners, etc etc etc. 

I will probably regret hassling them all summer when the cold shows up, but right now the pregnant lady is appeased. Lol.

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