Three Weeks

I’ve mostly been able to maintain my level of activity through out this entire pregnancy, which has been a huge benefit over all, but as my bump continues to grow things are becoming increasingly difficult. My goal is to maintain my workout schedule (unless the doctor tells me otherwise) until 30 weeks, right now I’m at 27. SO CLOSE to my goal, but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. I couldn’t even get my shoes on at the gym this morning. Lol. Even with the slip on no lace version. Which is frustrating when I can still perform 90% of my lifts at 75% of my max with ease, but I can’t get my shoes on or bend over to pick up plates off of the floor. Lol. Yes! Throw forty pounds on that barbell, but if I have to bend over to pick anything up its out of the question lol. Even modifying everything as much as it hurts my heart, is still a great accomplishment considering many twin moms are on bed rest unable to do anything so… I count myself lucky, just incredibly frustrated.

In other news, the Little’s birthday celebration went off without a hitch! She had so much fun. The weekend as a whole was really quite relaxing. Hubs seems to have found his way out of whatever semiannual funk he found himself in a week or so ago, and has really stepped up his game helping me with the housework that I can’t quite keep up with. I wish I knew why he got so agitated so I could help him, but… At least it didn’t turn into mega drama fest, verge of divorce/separation like it did last year. I can deal with a grumpy/mopey Hubs for a week or two without explaination, but beyond that we start having some bigger issues. 

Our marriage is relatively young as far as marriages go so we’re still kind of figuring each other and our new rolls as parents out. As long as we’re moving forward. 

The epic battle with Vectren rages on… I was supposed to hear from a supervisor within 48hrs of my first call last Wednesday… It’s Monday, and I haven’t heard a peep. I wish they would have pulled this stunt earlier in the year, because now that it’s starting to get cold we’re racing for time before we have to turn on the heat.  It’s been cold enough the past few nights, but until I hear from them I absolutely refuse. They already want to over charge me, I’m not going to use anymore gas than I absolutely have to until we get it figured out. We pulled out all of our extra blankets, and Little has some sleepers to keep her warm. Hopefully this doesn’t drag on too much longer.

It’s been enough of a hassle that Hubs and I are budgeting for an electric water heater right now. Vectren is a horribly run company. It’s the Time Warner Cable of natural gas. Seriously… Oh we can do whatever shady things we want because people need our service and will eventually give up if it gets shut off. Ha! Nope, I’ll just go all electric. I have the means, I just prefer gas heat. When I’m not getting screwed with a shady billing department anyway. Which, looking at the time, reminds me it’s time to call them again and hopefully get some actual answers. 

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  1. Looks okay on my computer. I hate my gas and electric company, but they are both the same company. No getting around that. Hopes yours gets straightened out.


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