26 Weeks

Up until now, my twin pregnancy hasn’t been much different than my first Little. Now I can definitely tell there are two Littles growing in there, aside from just the extra wiggles and kicks.  My entire middle  aches from the moment I get out of bed, until the moment I lay down for the night again. Not scary preterm labor aches, just general OMG THESE LIGAMENTS AREN’T SUPPOSED TO STRETCH THIS MUCH aches, and I can’t reach anything below my knees unless I contort myself in some sort of weird sumo squat stance. These boys are just IN THE WAY, but I mean everything else is still going really well so it’s more of a slight inconvenience than anything.

Hubs and I had a really productive weekend around the house this weekend. He helped me clean the house, detail the car so I can install the infant seats when they arrive tomorrow (*squee*) and rearrange some furniture to make room in our bedroom for the bassinets. Plus, we had an awesome cookout with our friends Saturday. I actually tried something completely new for our entree. I’m glad it worked out, because I didn’t exactly have a back up plan lol. We had always planned to grill with fresh veggie and fruit sides, but I decided instead of the usual fare to throw together some kebabs. Tasty and delicious for eating, but I’d never actually prepared them before. They took a little bit longer than I expected to actually cook and some of the ingredients got a little over done waiting for others to finish but over all a huge success for a completely spur of the moment cooking decision.

I’m glad we had a refreshing weekend, because this week is a hectic scheduling nightmare. This afternoon is really the only free time I have until Monday. We had the holiday yesterday, today I had to squeeze in my one workout, grocery shop, and get home in time for Hubs to take the car to work. Tomorrow I have the car seats coming, I have to fight with our gas company about how much they want to charge us to replace our meter, (seriously their equipment gave out and they want US to buy a new one?? Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t that be included in our monthly service charge? Y’know the only thing we’ve been paying all summer long? Anyway…) get a hold of our insurance company to see how much our premium is going up after the Twins arrive so I can adjust our budget accordingly, Thursday I have my chiropractor appointment in the morning, just enough time to get back to town and head to my ultrasound, pick up the Little from my sister in laws, get home for an early bedtime because Friday to top everything else off I have to take the dog to the vet for her spay at 6am so I can make it back to the gym by 9:30 and home by noon to take a nap before heading back out to the vet to pick up the dog and start the basic preparations for my Little’s birthday party on Sunday. There is a WHOLE lot going on in the House of Hale this week, but after the Little’s party I get a few weeks break until I have to start preparing for Hubs’ birthday.

Yep, Little is Sep 13th, Hubs is Oct 13th, and honestly if we end up scheduling a c-section the Twins will arrive on Nov 13th! lol. Couldn’t do that again if we tried. I don’t know how much blogging I’ll be doing in the upcoming weeks as sitting here with my computer is INSANELY uncomfortable right now. Which is unfortunate, because blogging is a big part of my current treatment plan. If writing in a notebook was anymore comfortable I’d just do that, but it isn’t. Unless I’m sitting down reclined at a weird angle EVERYTHING I do is uncomfortable. Maybe I can sit down and conglomerate all of my little snippets of writing into one weekly post or something? Eh… I’ll cross that bridge when I get there I suppose.

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