The Home Stretch

I’ve been running around busily preparing for the long weekend. We’re having a few friends over for a cookout Saturday, so I’m doing my best to catch up with chores I’ve neglected to make the house look at least semi presentable lol. I mean it’s not dirty, but there is clutter everywhere. Furniture stacked in weird places waiting to be moved into the Twins’ room, things that need to be put back into the closets we redid, the Little’s birthday surprises still in their shipping boxes stacked up high so she can’t get into them, dog hair strewn about because I can’t bend over to sweep it up, little things. And I had to go out and buy extra groceries to feed our company lol. Yes, come for a cookout but bring your own food! Lol. It’s been a little hectic around here at The House of Hale this week. 

More exciting news: the Twins are currently in the 75% survival rate if they were born right now, and in just 13 more days they will jump up to 90%. I haven’t had any signs of preterm labor, or any trouble really since my first trimester fiascos but it makes me feel a WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE lot better the farther we progress. My anxiety is dropping significantly, and now I can finally start to enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Well as much as one can enjoy their organs being squished and their core torn asunder anyway lol.  Of course, I’m getting excited to meet my new Littles, but Hubs has reached panic mode. 

He tends to internalize his emotions until they boil over, and we’ve reached the boiling point. I wish there was something I could do to help him, but it always seems the more I try to help the more overwhelmed he gets until we’re both snipping at each other. Soooooooo… We dance ever so delicately around the issue as I attempt to give him room to deal with it on his own, and maintain a functioning household. 

We did the same thing when our first Little arrived so it’s not such a shock this go around. He’ll level out eventually, and things will go back to normal. It doesn’t make things less frustrating, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We just have ten more weeks to go in this pregnancy if I make it all the way to term, then the boys will be here and the happy will take over the stress, at least until we start losing sleep. 

Ten more weeks. Ten more weeks left in my last pregnancy journey. Possibly less than that! I guess it is a little bit overwhelming to think about, but I’m too busy being excited to worry about overwhelm right now.