I’ve reached that stage of my pregnancy where the babies are pretty much done developing and mostly focusing on gaining weight, which means this mama is on fire from the inside. I am burning up constantly no matter what I do to keep cool. It was bad with my first Little, (I kept freezing up the a/c, and the apartment was like 50 degrees at all times lol) but with two babies? Yeah… It’s been a rough few days around the House of Hale. 

I can’t afford to cool the entire house down to my preferred ice box temperature, plus it’s not exactly fair to Hubs or the Little so… I’m stuck sweating all the time like a roast pig and drinking ice water like its my job. This will be my life for the next few weeks until the temperatures finally begin to drop for the season lol. I’m actually pretty excited to have my last trimester fall later in the year this go around for exactly this reason. 

I wasn’t thrilled about being the size of a barn if it got snowy and icey outside, but then I remembered how incredibly uncomfortable it is having an extra little body/bodies constantly strapped to me. Thank the Lord, I’ll have some relief here soon. Unless Indiana decides to have a freakishly long drawn out summer anyway… 

Speaking of fall and other fall time activities, Hubs and I just realized that Halloween is on a weekend this year! We didn’t do anything last year because Hubs was working, but this year we’ll be able to do the whole trick or treat thing again. Hubs and I will either be going as James and the Giant Peach, or The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown. We haven’t quite decided yet lol. I’m going to play up my shape with something giant and orange lol. Why not? 

Little should have much more fun this year too. She was a little young last time we were able to go do anything as a family, but she was super adorable in her little Batgirl suit! I kind of wanted to do a matching costume with her again, but she’s outgrown that phase of her life. She’s old enough to make her own decisions as far as those things go. *sigh* a happy sad moment really.