Well, I’m both relieved and kind of disappointed at the same time. We found the cause of my Little’s recent mood/behavior changes and it had little to do with the normal 2-3 transition. Much like my peanut allergy, my Little has inherited my Tylenol allergy. 

She came down with the same sinus thing I had last week, and because she’s unable to really articulate her feelings just yet we’ve always done what most parents do when their kids have a fever: Tylenol. Didn’t think a thing of it since she’s been taking it since infancy with no obvious side effects, until she had a particularly rough day last week and I was dosing out her medicine while she was pitching a fit. I thought to myself: “man I wish I could take some of this to relieve the headache I’m getting.” And then the lightbulb moment happened. 

When I take Tylenol or any medication with acetaminophen it throws me into whacky mood swings, violence, rage, suicidal thoughts, the whole nine yards. Which if I was three would translate to tantrums, and other odd behaviors. My poor Little is just now learning how to understand normal moods and emotions, and here she goes off on the same crazy train as her mother after taking the medicine I gave her. So I asked her before I gave it to her: “Does this make your head feel funny, and make you angry?” 

She looked at me with her big grey eyes and said: “Yes, Mama. I don’t like it.” SO, after that revelation I went to the store and picked up some all natural acetaminophen free medicine for her, and we haven’t had any issues since. I’m not sure if she entirely understood, or just agreed with me because she’s three but at least she’s feeling better and no longer acting out. Well… Anymore than a normal three year old does. Lol.

If only I had thought of that sooner. I feel kind of bad trying to make her better and inadvertently making things worse. I guess that’s just how things are though those first few years of life until you really grasp the concept of effective communication. I know she’s not going to hold it against me, but still. There is that twinge of parental guilt creeping in. 

I’ve been dealing with that a lot lately as I prepare to expand my responsibility from one kid to three. In case you hadn’t noticed the trend in my most recent posts or anything. Lol. 

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