That Weird Parent Thing

My Little has such a kind and gentle spirit. We went to the park this afternoon and instead of pushing and shoving the other kids aside, or demanding her own turn she just stood back and waited patiently. It’s adorable, and heart breaking to watch. Part of me wants to toughen her up a bit so she doesn’t become victimized, but her innocence is just so… pure. She genuinely cares about others right now, even at the tender age of three and I don’t want to take that away from her. The rest of the world will do that on it’s own as she grows and begins to interact with her peers more and more.

It’s also hard to watch the other kids take advantage of her and not intervene on her behalf, but as long as she knows I will always come to her aid at her request I’m trying to let her branch out a little bit and discover how to solve problems on her own. Which doesn’t mean I just turn her loose and set off doing my own things, but I am doing my best to become less of a “helicopter” parent. I like to think of myself as an eagle instead. lol. Always watching, but not hovering and constantly intervening.

She’s in that weird stage where she is still fairly dependent on me for a lot of things, but also excited about doing things for herself. She can get her own snacks out of the fridge now, and she can turn on her favorite TV shows. She can also get herself dressed in the morning, and 75% of the time get her shoes on the right feet the first try. When she’s feeling up to it… if she’s having a particularly difficult day for any number of reasons she wants to be coddled, but those days are growing few and far between. It’s a good thing, since I’m going to have two infants to tend to, but it’s also a little bit sad.

I love watching her grow and learn, while doing my best to foster her individuality and teach her, but then there is that little twinge in the back of my heart that says: “That’s your baby. Doing things on her own. Soon she won’t need you at all.” Which is technically the entire point of parenting, to raise your kids to be healthy self sufficient productive members of society, but it’s still… it’s just a weird emotion. Pride, maybe? Angst? lol. I have no idea.