Slightly Askew 

I can totally understand why many moms of multiples end up on bed rest after 24 weeks. I’m having a hard time navigating normal daily activities because my bump is growing so rapidly at this point it hurts every night before I crawl into bed, and getting to the gym more than once a week has become wishful thinking. 

It’s outrageously uncomfortable at this point, but everything looks great! I have nearly negative risk factors for preterm labor right now, (my cervix is like a steel trap, nearly twice as long as expected at this point for twin gestation. Lol.) and the Twins’ growth is right on track. Which is why I’m so uncomfortable. I have two wiggly football size people living in my abdomen. Lol. Seriously though, after all the scary things that happened with the beginning of this pregnancy I’m thankful for the little discomforts. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to complain about it, but I am thankful for it none the less. 

From all indications we’re now settling in for the long haul, the risk of scary preterm labor out of the way after my next visit. There is still a chance they could run out of room necessitating a c-section, but aside from that no current indication that I won’t be able to go on to full term and a safe natural delivery. Which is a MASSIVE relief, mostly because I don’t want to deal with the post surgery recovery if I can help it. I’m already going to have enough on my plate with a toddler and two infants. I’d like to be able to use my core to take care of them. Madness! I know, right? 

The only other thing that’s kind of weighing on me at the moment is the decision to go on birth control or straight up tie my tubes. I’ve never wanted to have children after 30, and Hubs never wanted more than two kids (jokes on him! Ha!) so the Twins are definitely our last hoorah, it’s just a matter of how I want to go about it. I’ve heard horror stories about tubal litigations, but I also know how awful hormonal replacements are for your body, plus the last time I was on the pill I gained like fifty pounds! I just got my weight back under control before the Twins and I’d like to be able to maintain it after they arrive. 

We discussed Hubs going through with his own surgery, but it doesn’t make much sense for him to have surgery when I’M the one who doesn’t want kids after 30. He simply doesn’t want any more kids, but he doesn’t have any sort of self imposed time frame. I do. The moment I started seriously considering children, I decided that whatever I ended up with before 30 is what I was having. Risk factors of all sorts go sky high after 30, plus your chance of conception drops. With my already difficult time conceiving I didn’t want to put myself through any additional strain. 30 is just the end of the line for me, and always has been. 

Not that I ever plan on leaving Hubs, but in the event that something did happen I still maintain zero desire for more children after 30, so sending him off and still remaining fully intact and functional myself is pretty much a moot point. I just hate to make such a perminant decision, especially one with loads of its own complications. Honestly, if it were completely up to me I’d just be rid of the entire thing. Uterus, ovaries, tubes. They’ve served their purpose for me, I’m done. Lol. Take them away! Which is also a permanent decision, but one that doesn’t involve a heavy menstrual cycle as a side effect. Eh, hot flashes and hormonal roller coaster…. But no more menses! 

That’s the one I’m voting for. Slightly askew, yes, but my vote remains the same.