Baby Acrobats 

I’ve just recovered from a horrible sinus infection. I can’t tell if it’s allergies, a virus, or what but at least it didn’t seem to linger like whatever respiratory infection I had that brought on my asthma. At any rate, I skipped the gym most of the week just because I didn’t want to push my luck and throw myself into preterm labor. I’ve cut back to two days a week now anyway just because my ligaments are really starting to feel the strain of supporting to growing babies. I’m counting myself extremely lucky to still be able to make it to the gym at all considering many women with twins are on bed rest at this point. Two days at the gym? Yes! I’ll take it!

I was telling Hubs the other day that we’re going to have to find a swing/bouncer that mimics all the bouncing and various other movements I do working out since these babies have grown accustom to it. Taking a week off pretty much confirmed that theory as the Twins would NOT sit still even for a moment or two while I was laying around recovering my sinuses. Sharp little appendages were flying around in the womb, jumps, jolts, wiggles and summersalts ALL DAY LONG stopping to rest only a few hours when I was up tending to the Little or preparing dinner. This went on for two entire days until I was finally feeling up to making my way to the gym. 

I only did a small set of three movements, which I completed in about ten minutes, but my boys settled down almost immediately. Lol. I’ve felt their normal little squirms and wiggles indicating that they’re healthy, but nothing like those two days of rest I took. These babies are quite literally primed for CrossFit from conception lol. Or at least I like to think that way, I’m sure it has something to do with my disproportionate amount of rest during my sick days, but it was adorable none the less. 

We’ve also completed all our baby prep exactly on schedule as I sent out the payment for the car seats this week. Just waiting on them to ship so we can install them and impatiently wait for our new Littles to arrive. It’s still quite early, but with each week past 24 weeks my risk of bed rest and/or early delivery increases. We didn’t want to have the stress of baby preparations piled on top of my other maternal duties to our oldest Little so we planned and achieved complete preparation by 24 weeks. *victory dance* 

I washed all of their clothes, and folded them neatly separated into each crib. Aside from holidays and special occasions we don’t plan on matching the Twins. Just because they will share a birthday doesn’t make them any less individuals, and I really want to encourage that. Plus if they’re wearing different outfits all the time it will be easy to tell who’s who and inform baby sitters or visitors alike. Lol. I feel kind of bad setting up these things and sort of deciding who goes with what before they’re even born, but at the same time you really can’t deny a mother’s intuition. 

I haven’t exactly met them yet, but as they wiggle around inside me I feel quite connected to them, and as strange as it seems I can already tell differences between them. Any decision I make for them is obviously subject to change when they arrive and I truly get to know them and watch their little personalities form and differentiate, but it still feels a bit rude making assumptions for them right now. I mean as it stands B1 has mostly blues and greys in his wardrobe while B2 has mostly browns and greens. What if B2 prefers grey over brown? Or vice versa? How can I just decide that for them? 

Not that it’s an incredibly important decision, nor that they particularly care as newborns who’s only goal is to be warm fed and secure. Still… It’s a lot of responsibility taking on these new little people and doing my best to provide for them while not stripping them of their own thoughts and opinions. One of those OMG moments where you realize that babies are in fact tiny little human beings with the same thoughts and feelings as adults, only missing the ability to communicate them effectively with the rest of the world. 

I’m always worried I’ll mess it up for them, demand too much or too little. Listen too much or not enough. But… I guess that’s what parenting is all about.