Innocence or Ignorance 

I have to remind myself sometimes that there are young people out there who haven’t found themselves victimized or threatened in anyway. Innocence is still fully intact, to the point of ignorance to how the real world functions.

I got into a very breif debate the other day regarding wasp spray as an alternative to pepper spray, and this point really hit home with me. It was a public post I happened to comment on and someone I didn’t know hopped on as well throwing in her two cents. I say it was a breif debate because after two comments I could tell that no matter what else I said her ignorance would remain completely intact. She didn’t believe it was moral to potentially blind an attacker with wasp spray, even though under the law you have a right to defend yourself. Yes… Let that sink in for a moment.

Where can you go from there? Clearly she had been blessed with a life where she had never been in a life threatening situation or attacked, and so I had to walk away. No amount of logic or sharing my own life experiences was going to get through to her. Which is actually quite sad. I know as a young person I was pretty staunch in my views of life as well, learning just about EVERYTHING the hardest possible way in the world, but oh how I wish I had listened to the advice of my peers and those who cared for me. I suppose it’s all part of growing up, but when is the cut off? When does child like innocence morph into blatant idealistic ignorance?

When is it cynical and jaded to view the world how it is vs how everyone idealizes it should be? Is living in reality giving up and becoming apathetic, or is it simply a mark of maturity?