Stranger than Fiction

For those of you who follow my Facebook page, this is nothing new, but the story is so good it’s worth sharing here too!

In my quest to collect all the baby things for the Twins I decided to pop into the local Goodwill and look around. I didn’t find too much, but I did find a very nice diaper bag as the Little and I were heading out the door. I saved my diaper bag from my first Little, but it was worn and a little bit small even for the necessities of one kiddo so I decided to pick up the other one, even if I just ended up using both of them.

When I got home and showed Hubs the awesome find, we were looking through the pockets and found one of the little bracelets newborns are given immediately after birth during their hospital stay. I looked it over and showed it to Hubs, and that’s when we both decided we should at least attempt to find the owner. So I took to the interwebs hoping that the kindness of strangers would lead us to the owner of such a special memento. As luck would have it, less than twenty four hours after my post went live we found them! They were thrilled to know we saved the bracelet and wanted to return it.

So, after messaging back and forth a few times, we decided to meet. During our brief meeting and discussion we discovered that we grew up in the same area of Southern Ohio, the bracelet belonged to one of her twin boys, who just happened to turn three on the same day I posted the picture looking for them, and she is one of the only people I’ve met in Nowheresville who homeschools her children! It was the most freakish, yet amazing, thing to happen to me in a very, very long time. lol. All because of an impulse purchase, during a random trip to Goodwill, and a tiny overlooked hospital bracelet wedged in a pocket.

This is my life!! And I don’t think it’s too much different from so many others, it’s just that I pay attention. Life is amazing in so many small intricate ways, if only you take the time to be aware of them. If I wouldn’t have looked in all of the pockets, or actually read the crumpled little bracelet and simply tossed it in the trash, I would have missed out on an awesome connection. Friends for the Little, support for me during my new twin adventure, and a super awesome stylish diaper bag which now has loads of meaning behind it. Reality is always stranger than fiction, because it doesn’t adhere to the laws of logic and human imagination. It’s a grand adventure totally worth living.

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