Pressing Issues 

WordPress is giving me grief… It’s been off and on for a while now, but this past week it’s just gotten out of control! Confession time: I very rarely live blog anymore. After seeing the convienece of mass scheduling posts back in March, I’m running about five or six days behind real time. Lol. Things that I’m writing about this week happened six days ago basically, and they are just now publishing for the masses to see them. Or at least they’re supposed to be publishing… But that’s where I’ve hit my snag. 

Things that I’ve had scheduled to publish aren’t publishing, and things that I wanted to draft and come back to ARE publishing and it’s just been a hot blog mess here over the past few days. Of course, scheduling everything I don’t really check on it much aside from replying to comments and peeking at my stat report a few times through out the day so I just now discovered this. I have no idea how long it’s been going on, or where the problem might be.

It seems to be a convergence issue between the site and the application on my phone. I don’t seem to have any issues when I use the site, but if I try to schedule things from my phone it’s pretty much useless. Which makes the application pretty much useless if I can’t take my blogging mobile! They updated the site not too long ago so I’m assuming that’s where the issue started… At least I hope because that means it’s only been a few weeks and not a few months of publishing snafus. 

Not that it particularly matters to anything other than my pride if my incomplete thoughts got published lol. I just hope WordPress figures it out soon because I don’t have a whole lot of time for live blogging at the moment, hence the use of the scheduling feature… But we’ll see what happens. Life will go on without my two cents.