Girls Day Out

I decided to take the Little out for a lunch date today. She’s still a little bit young to appreciate time alone with me, and it hasn’t sank in that she won’t be able to have all of my attention quite yet so she was as rambunctious and three as ever. lol. We ate lunch, I took her to get her hair cut, and then we went shopping. You know, very stereotypical girl things to do. lol.

I’m going to miss my time with her, just her and I. Even as trying as she can be right now testing her limits every which way, it’s still going to be a massive adjustment spreading my attention from two people to four people literally over night. PLUS I still have to find time to take care of myself in all of the hectic shuffle. I think it’s really starting to sink in with me now that we’re on the downward slope. Just 13-15 more weeks left in this pregnancy. Which in normal time seems like a lot being right around three months, but in pregnancy time that is like next to nothing. Honestly, if something goes awry we could have the boys as early as seven weeks from now. They would be in the NICU and survival percentage would be very low, but that’s 29 weeks. They are technically viable to survive outside of the womb with the proper medical care and grace of God at 29 weeks.

Plus, depending on what happens in the next week or two I might find myself on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy however long that may be. Everything is getting down to the wire… which in most other aspects is pretty exciting. I am totally ready for these little men to make their entrance into the world, so I can finally meet them. Seeing them on the ultrasound, and feeling their squirms and kicks is one thing, but nothing beats that feeling when you first see your Little’s face and hold their hand, counting all their little fingers and toes and snuggling them up next to your face instead of just trapped in your abdomen. *sigh*

Our current Little is getting anxious about meeting her brothers as well. lol. She asks me almost every day if it’s time for her brothers to come out. It’s pretty hilarious actually. She is super excited about becoming a big sister, and she loves playing with all of the little babies we encounter out and about so I’m just as excited for her to meet them as I am excited to meet them myself. lol. There will be an adjustment period for sure, but it will be fun to watch her interact with them.

I still have to discuss this with Hubs, but I’m fairly certain I don’t want any visitors to the hospital this time around aside from him and the Little. It was hectic and awkward last time, mostly for his family more than me, but since this is the last time I’ll be doing the whole childbirth thing I think I’m going to put my foot down. Especially with two newborns which will necessitate me having my boobs hanging out pretty much from birth trying to get them fed. It wouldn’t be much of an issue if Hubs’ family was supportive of the breast feeding endeavor, but since they are uncomfortable with it, it just makes things difficult. It’s not that I particularly want to be rude and exclude them it’s just that I know they won’t be comfortable so… lol. Eh… we’ll see what happens I guess. It also depends on when and where I deliver. If I have to trek down to Indy some of Hubs’ family will HAVE to come because he’ll be working. If I deliver in Nowheresville, I’m not as concerned with it because I know half of the staff even if just by acquaintance lol.

Time will tell I guess.

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  1. “Especially with two newborns which will necessitate me having my boobs hanging out pretty much from birth …” Heh. (dirty old man mode kicks on) Hubs should look forward to those weeks, lol!

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  2. See… now you would think that, but he’s pretty grossed out by the whole breastfeeding thing too so… not so much lol


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