Couch Potatoes

I don’t know where it went or why, but my energy level has completely tanked over the past few weeks. It seems like I can only function for a few hours at a time before sleep takes hold and my body just says: NOPE. Which isn’t really a terrible thing by any means, I am over half way through this pregnancy I suppose it’s time I slow back down a little bit building two brand new human beings. I just feel lazy, lounging around doing nothing. It’s not like a depression lazy either, but a flat out physical exhaustion.

Now that I’ve actually gotten my sleep caught up my moods have balanced themselves back out. I’m busily preparing for fall wardrobe changes for the Little and myself and collecting the few remaining things off of our baby registry. I bought myself an electric breast pump this go around not really thinking too much of the brand as I used a manual one of the same with my first Little. It was a bit less expensive than the “exclusive” popular brand so, why not? I mean we have to pay for two kids, I’m going to save money where I can… at least I THOUGHT I was saving money until I opened the thing and discovered than none of my other accessories I found stashed in a box were interchangeable anymore. Still not a big issue until I went looking for accessories to work with the pump. All of them have to be ordered, no one caries them in stores, and they are almost three times the cost of EVERY OTHER BRAND. So all the money I initially saved on the pump will be spent buying bottles for the damn thing. lol.

The handy part of breast feeding is that I don’t actually HAVE to buy a cart load of bottles, I mean I already have everything I need (thank you biology!) but it makes things a bit easier if I want to find a sitter, or Hubs wants to help with the feeding. Then there’s the whole logistical thing about having enough supply to feed both babies with out having one constantly attached to me at all times. lol. It is easier than formula, but still takes quite a bit of preparation and planning.

In other news, my children must be really embracing their Irish heritage here recently because I have been craving potato all the things like it’s my job. Which is totally NOT Paleo in any way shape or form, but it’s what these boys want right now. Potatoes, pickles, and protein. I’m REALLY craving steak and potatoes but I hate well done meat and I’m not supposed to be eating rare so… I guess I’ll just have to sub out my steak for whey. lol. Totally not the same… but it will have to do for now.