I’m a little bit excited today… my first stretch mark showed up over night as the Twins have kicked their growth into over drive these past few weeks. Which is a bit of an odd thing to be excited about, but I am none the less. Just like most of my other scars, I love my stretch marks. Probably because they aren’t very bad compared to some others I’ve seen, but also because it’s a wonderful momento for my pregnancies which I never thought I would have. It’s not like I go running around in crop tops showing them off to the world at every chance I get, but I’m certainly not ashamed of them. I loved them even after they faded from the angry red back to little wisps of white as everything squished back into place after my first Little.

In other news, I had my biweekly ultrasound for the Twins this week. They are both right on target growth wise, each weighing in right at a pound, and being able to see them a lot more than my first Little is pretty awesome. Especially watching them wiggle around and interact with each other. They are so wiggly in fact that it was hard to get a clear picture of either of them lol. Little B2 kept putting his hand up in front of his face, and B1 was getting knocked around by B2. The little blob on the left hand side of B1’s picture is actually B2 wiggling around squishing into B1’s face. lol.

Little B2 is on the left and B1 is on the right. B2 has an adorable little smile/smirk with his hand over his left eye, and poor little B1 is getting kicked in the nose. B2 is definitely going to be more rambunctious than his brother. lol. I can’t wait to meet these little people. I mean I understand it’s going to be stressful and exhausting but I’m really starting to get excited about it. I think Hubs is too, somewhere underneath all of the stress and panic.

He’s at least gotten his sleeping patterns back under control, which is a huge relief. I really didn’t want to banish him to the couch, but if he hadn’t been able to calm himself down I really didn’t see many other options. I am thankful I made it through the entire few days without having a major emotional meltdown, or having to make an appointment with my therapist. Winning!