Patchwork House

Everytime we start one project on our house we discover three other either poorly finished, or completely unfinished projects left behind by the previous owners. Our house isn’t even really that old, but every single family who’s lived here has made drastic structural changes for whatever reason. Which we knew when we bought the property in the first place. It wasn’t a complete surprise, but the deeper we go the more insanity and shoddy workmanship we find.

I was actually so curious to see what the original lay out of our house was I pulled up the original sale records from 1974. Lol. Over the course of the past 40 years, bathrooms have been added, subtracted, and relocated on the complete opposite side of the house. It was originally a two bedroom, then made into a three bedroom, back to a two bedroom when we initially bought it, and now we’ve conpleted the third bedroom once again. The ceilings have been raised and the living room vaulted, just about the only thing anyone hired a contractor for. Finally, the furnace was relocated from the utility closet in the center of the house to the garage. That doesn’t seem like much of an issue aside from the fact that the previous owners didn’t have the funds nor desire to actually complete the space where the furnace USED to sit left us with a completely walled off 5′ x 7′ empty void between the master bath and the hallway. Ta-da! That’s how our storm shelter/hall closet was born.

My dad and Hubs knocked out a space for a door a few weeks ago and discovered the haphazard unfinished state of the space. What we thought was a hole to the crawl space where the furnace used to sit covered with some aluminum and weird foam insulation, turned out to be nearly 75% of our air supply and completely open duct work. Our furnace is epicly efficient even for being older, and the majority of the supply has been blocked off this entire time getting rerouted hither and yon to who knows where in a maze of ductwork all through out the house.

Perhaps it’s my pregnancy hormones and nesting contributing to the fact that this revelation simply made my head explode. After all of the money they poured into mundane projects which never got finished, yet the really important things like the furnace, and keeping walls level were completely neglected. How can you even?! But I’m sure whomever buys the property from us in the next few years will say the exact same thing. Lol.

At least the true base structure of the house is sound, and Hubs was able to sort of fix the closet. He used to work in heating and cooling before we met, so he simply decided to board up the vent in the closet and call it done. It makes since, like I said our furnace is ultra efficient as it is with that hole covered up so there was really no point to try anything different. Plus who needs a giant air supply in the closet?? He managed to redo the entire sub floor, and finish the vinyl, which means I can start piling things into the closet to make room for the bassinets in our bedroom. 13-15 more weeks! 🙂