Winning Ikea 

Hubs and I have decided to start up a business. WeKea: Asselmbling Ikea furniture so you don’t have to!  

We assembled the cribs for the Twins today (from Ikea) in twenty minutes! Granted we bought the exact same model we had for our Little so it wasn’t an entirely new experience, but even with out the assembly paperwork included this go around we were able to figure it out. I actually got one together entirely by myself before Hubs was available for the second lol. 

I am one of those freaks who actually really enjoys assembling Ikea things. I’ve always loved puzzles so really I don’t get frustrated with it. Honestly it’s easier to figure it out yourself than look at those paper things they used to include lol. I’m not sure if their instructions are available online or what now, but seriously. Those little papers were so much wasted time and space lol. That was the most frustrating part of my first crib attempt three years ago lol. 

I don’t know why I was in such a hurry to get everything ready. I mean I have 14-16 more weeks depending on how well things go and if they need to take them early for any reason, and I mean if they show up in the next eight to ten weeks they will be spending the majority of their newborn stage in the NICU before they even make it home. The nursery wasn’t really important but I feel much better now that it’s basically done. We still have to do some minimal paint touch ups, and install baseboards and moulding around the ceiling but in an absolute pinch, if we weren’t able to do anything else to their room before birth it would be acceptable. 

They have a safe place to sleep and I have a place to nurse them. All you need as an infant really. ^_^ 

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