After fighting with Sprint for months Hubs finally got an upgrade. It wasn’t entirely free as promised when we originally signed our contract, but we didn’t have to pay a down payment, we got to renew our service agreement which was expiring in October anyway and knocked a few dollars off of our bill. At least a few dollars off of our base bill price but with Sprint’s annoying fees that don’t show up until the bill shows up we might not be saving anything. As long as our bill doesn’t increase it was worth it.

I loath what cell phone providers have become in recent years, and I am definitely not a fan of Sprint at all. I’ve never been a fan of Sprint, but they have the least expensive unlimited service in Nowheresville, where we can actually GET service. Our only other option was Verizon, which does have better service, but it’s also almost twice the price so… I battle it out with Sprint every few months when they try to change something or come up with a new less expensive plan.

Really I’m about to say screw it and go back to a flip phone with all of the shenanigans what have come with my smartphone. Don’t get me wrong the phone itself works great, and I mean it survived after being washed by my Little with no detectable malfunctions, love my phone but hate the fact that there are people out there bored enough to hack into it and get into my apps etc. I don’t have any personal info stored on it, aside from my phone number anyway lol, so it’s kind of a moot point much like my wifi network hacking. A minor annoyance I’m just tired of dealing with it over and over and over again.

I’m fairly certain whom ever is getting in is doing so through the wifi network because if I turn off wifi I don’t have any issues, which is how I’m currently handling the problem it’s just so much more annoying to wait on my 3G or LTE service (depending on which way the Nowheresville winds blow) when I have this stupid fast wifi I can’t use for fear of privacy violations.

It’s not even that I have anything to hide, I just don’t like people in my private affairs besides what I chose to share here. Which is mostly everything except for exact personal details lol. I do feel that I have a responsibility to my Littles to keep them safe, and a responsibility to respect my Hubs and his super introvertness. Personally? I don’t care. People who are intent on finding out everything about me beyond what I share here are going to find a way to do it, no reason to pretend they can’t just because of some privacy settings or vague posts.

The Internet is full of information which is part of what makes it amazing, but also what makes everyone who uses it vulnerable. Give and take I suppose.