Lowest of the Lowe’s

Let this be a lesson to businesses: I may be a frazzled pregnant lady, but that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me, or use my limited time frame to bully me into spending money I don’t wish to spend.

We were supposed to have our new carpet installed last week, after doing some minimal shopping around we decided to pursue an advertised deal for free install with Lowe’s. I showed up in the late afternoon with my exhausted Little in tow, stood back at the flooring counter for half an hour while three different employees said they were calling someone back to the flooring department. When someone FINALLY came back to the flooring department, and I inquired about buying some carpet he really didn’t give me any information at all insisting I needed a quote from the contractor for the install before we could do anything else. Never having purchased any flooring at Lowe’s before I wasn’t sure how things worked so I scheduled a measurement appointment.

After calling me on Saturday when my phone was out of commission, then again stupid early Monday morning I finally got an appointment for someone to come out an get the measurements. The guy showed up did his measurements, and asked if we had picked out carpet so he could factor that into the quote. I replied no, since the guy at Lowe’s had told us to get the measurements first. So… already, slightly annoyed with the run around at this point, when I received a call from Lowe’s at 9pm Wednesday night (strike three) I was pretty much over it. BUT I was still looking forward to the promise of the free install so I decided to trek down there Thursday morning to pick out my carpet and look at the quote.

Drive twenty minutes down to the store to walk in the door, back to the flooring department, and be presented with an installation quote that was more than the entire budget I’d set aside after pricing carpet and padding elsewhere. Yes, their “free” installation was $600. I knew that the terms of the actual discount was just basic installation, and didn’t include the removal cost etc, but when I told the first employee I spoke to I had already been shopping around for carpet, and had a rough estimate of what I wanted to spend, and they didn’t even bother to work with me before insisting I get other measurements from their contractors? I laughed at them. Literally, with all of my glorious unfiltered lack-o-tact, laughed at them.

Which wasn’t exactly fair since the guy I spoke to Thursday was a different, much more friendly employee than the first, but it just frustrated me beyond belief. When I explained to the guy I spoke to on Thursday I had already priced carpet and padding from a different store, and the only reason I was here talking to him was the promise of a free install, his reply: “Well, I mean our prices depend on the quality of the product. They must have been offering an inferior quality product.” Which inspired another burst of laughter from me. The entire reason I have to replace my carpet after moving into the house three years ago is because I have children and pets. I don’t want top dollar mega expensive carpet until the kids are older and more responsible, which I also explained to the first employee.

So basically the past three weeks with Lowe’s was one giant waste of time, and one insult to my intelligence after another. We’re back at square one with carpeting. I stopped at several more stores and have several more quotes in the works, all of which have been more than willing to work with my budget and sell me “inferior” carpeting… and you know what? When the time comes for us to purchase top dollar carpet I’ll be going back to whomever I go with this time because they treated me like an intelligent consumer, instead of an ignorant loser.