Reminiscing on the Amazon

One of the perks of being homeschooled was the fact that I had the opportunity to travel abroad. When I was 15 I took a two week trip with a small group of people from my parents church to Manaus, Brazil to help teach at a small school situated smack dab off of the Amazon River in the middle of the jungle.

All of the rain we’ve had recently was bringing back fond memories of my adventure. Let me tell you something, you haven’t experienced a deluge until you’ve experienced a thunderstorm in the rainforest, and some of these storms rolling through locally in weeks past have made it a close second. Lol. 

Although flooded fields aren’t nearly as much fun to recant later in life as the poor farmer who’s livestock boat capsized and sank stranding him at the school for several days until the poor dead cows bloated enough to bring it back to the surface. Yes, that was quite a smell/experience watching a bunch of men flip over a boat filled with dead livestock.

Then there was the morning a gecko fell from the rafter above and landed in my bowl of granola, the Ocelot who casually walked through camp and peered through our cabin window, and the most adorable baby tarantulas the school kids caught and raised as pets, which I also got to play with. 

Oh, and going out on to the river at night and looking up at all of the stars. SO MANY STARS. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them, but this was way back in 2002 before digital cameras for everyone became a thing. I had a super nice Nikon, but without the time to set up a long term exposure it just didn’t work. 

I was just thinking the other day how much I wish I could go back now and take Hubs and the Littles with me to share in some similar experiences, and then…. Poof! Our a/c goes out in the middle of the hottest, most humid weather I’ve experienced since leaving Manaus. Voilà! Shared experience, reminiscent of the Amazon. Hubs and Little are miserable, and I’m over here wishing we at least had a river to splash in, or a casual Ocelot visitor. Lol. 

Thankfully, Dad in Law works in heating and cooling so we should have the air back on by the end of the day today, but OMG it’s been off all night, and I am about to roast alive. It could have been a lot worse because if Dad in Law hadn’t been able to round up the parts we needed, we would have had to wait for an order to come in which could have taken  up to a week. 

Yeah, pregnant lady with no a/c? Ha! Definitely not. It did take a hefty sum out of our recently replenished emergency fund, and change our plans for the entire weekend BUT we should have air by the end of the day instead of the end of the week. I will count this as my (albeit slightly tarnished) silver lining.