Slowing Down

Embarrassing story time: I can’t tell the difference between contractions and stomach cramps associated with a bowel moment. In fact, that’s why my Little barely made it to the hospital before birth, I didn’t realize I was in labor until I transitioned into active labor and my body was ready to push. We showed up at the hospital and they barely had time to get me admitted before she was born.

So I’ve been having what I thought were stomach issues the past few days until it dawned on me that they could be contractions. I never felt any of my Braxton Hicks with my first Little, but with the Twins they have arrived in full force. So far it isn’t an indication of preterm labor, but I’ve had to slow myself down significantly. Which is a delicate balance I’m trying to maintain. If I slow down too much my hormones go wacky and I start freaking out with anxiety, which is a precursor for preterm labor. If I keep going at my current pace of working out four days a week, and maintaining the house work I ALSO put myself at risk for preterm labor. So…. I’m trying to find a new balance that won’t set off my contractions, but also won’t slow me down to the point of enduring a flood of adrenaline and testosterone.

On a positive note: we’ve made it to the half way mark! We’re smack dab in the middle of week 20, and everything aside from the Braxton contractions is going well. Technically I’m past the half way mark since most Twins arrive at or before 37 weeks, but I’m really hoping to keep these little guys in there as long as possible to increase my chances of a natural birth. I just have to be extra careful the farther along I get to not push my body too hard or too far. I will stand on my head, and sew myself shut if necessary. These Babies are going to make it as long as they possibly can in there. Maybe if I start telling them they have to pick up their toys, they’ll stay put? lol.

We FINALLY made some headway in the toy picking up department with Little. Monday evening right before bed time she decided that she wanted to pick them up, which started a whole new battle. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t come out and watch TV after she picked up her toys even though it was bed time… I don’t get this kid. I mean I do, she is very logical in the basic kid sense, but if it’s starting now where are we going to be after the Twins arrive or when she gets to be a teen? Oy…

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  1. That kid is clever! What better way of getting out of bedtime than doing something that gets her “out of her room”? Maybe you should give her a deadline to pick them up, and then they “disappear” for a while…

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