Day 2

Fostering independent play might have been a mistake. My Little is currently on her forth day of refusing to pick up her stuffed animals. She will pick up every other toy in her room, except her stuffed animals. I explained to her that she wasn’t to come out of her room until she finished her chores by picking up her animals, and she hasn’t left aside from meals, diaper changes, baths or errands I have to run since. She is perfectly content to play by herself in her room. *facepalm*

At first I thought she didn’t completely understand, and I don’t want to just (figuratively) lock her away in her room if what I’ve asked of her is beyond her comprehension, but she does. Every evening when I’m getting her ready for bed we talk about it. I explain that when she finishes her chores by picking up her animals she can come out of her room and watch TV. She replies with: “I know, Mama. I know. I don’t want to pick up my toys.” SO… here we are, locked in a battle of wills and at this point I’m honestly not sure how to proceed. She is not even three years old yet.

It’s the exact same pile of toys from Sunday evening. She will pick up everything else, but when we get to those toys she flat out refuses, even though they are sitting right in front of her toy basket and all she has to do is put them in the basket. She doesn’t even have to walk across the room. I’m at a complete loss. I guess I could try taking the pile of toys away and requiring her to earn them back by finishing her chores, but I really didn’t want to do that. Especially since I can’t even motivate her to use the toilet with rewards. I’ll probably end up taking the bag of toys to donate before she would be willing to earn them back. This kid… She is one in a million, I tell you.

Maybe I am requiring too much of her, and she’s simply shutting down because she’s overwhelmed. That’s hard for me to believe since she comprehends what I’m asking of her, and there is no physical reason she is unable to complete the simple task of putting her toys away, but… I don’t know. Who do I call about this? It’s not a physical issue so I can’t call my pediatrician. Is this a job for my therapist? lol. I’m so confused!

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