Belly Battles

Yesterday I had the weirdest experience. The Twins started boxing with each other and they were fighting so fiercely you could see it! I was sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car, when B2 woke up and started to shift and squirm. He must have poked or bumped B1 pretty hard because all of the sudden B1 started flailing around like there was no tomorrow, scaring B2 into stretching out as far as he possibly could giving me a small little bulge on the right side of my bump until B1 calmed down. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. 

It makes perfect sense because at this stage in their development their movements are all reflexive. They weren’t consciously fighting, but jeeze did it ever feel like it. Lol. That’s the way it goes right now. One gets bumped or hears a noise and they wiggle, bumping into the other starting a cascade of kicks and squirms. Which is actually quite comforting at the moment while they’re still small enough to navigate around in there. As they grow? Eh… Probably less than comforting.

Boy, is it ever obvious they’re growing this week. I went from having basically no appetite to eating all the things practically over night, and if I don’t get an hour to lay down in the afternoon I have ZERO energy by 6pm. I still haven’t actually gained any weight, but the babies are healthy and growing so… I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy my weird streak of luck. 

I’m also starting to really feel pregnant this week. Up until now things haven’t been much different at all aside from the random flutters here, and there plus my slowly expanding waist line. I’ve avoided all the weird skin breakouts, I haven’t had any real swelling or mobility problems, and I didn’t even really have many food aversions once my appetite returned. This week, the tides have turned! I’m having a horrible time with mobility trying to wrangle my Little or get out of bed, and my feet are starting to get a little puffy at the day’s end. Nothing at all like my first Little, but a noticeable change. Plus, the heart burn has begun. Which is annoying now that my appetite finally caught up. I can’t eat much before my squished stomach is full and starts rebelling. Lol.

Aside from being mildly uncomfortable, I’m glad I finally have some pregnancy symptoms to gage things by. It’s part of the entire process and I enjoy it. At least until week 32… Those last eight weeks are brutal regardless of the circumstances lol. When you’re sitting there like OMG GET OUT. Lol. Yes… 

In other news, I sincerely hope these boys can hold on long enough to be born at the hospital in Nowheresville. What was is, last week when we had our ultrasound at the big hospital in Indy? Yeah, just over a week. Anyway, so we go have the procedure and all of that jazz knowing when we walk in that we’ve met our out of pocket expenses for the year. We expected to get an invoice and maybe have a copay since it wasn’t included in our regular hospital billing, but when I opened the mail box to find a bill from them for $1k? Ha! 

I looked the bill over and realized they hadn’t even submitted it to our insurance so I immediately called the customer service number. What did they say? “Oh yeah, looks like we didn’t bill your insurance company at all.” Uh… Yes, thanks. That would be why I’m calling. That was it. No explaination, no apology, just an: “oh, we didn’t do our job” and a promise to get it corrected and to disregard the bill we received. 

So… Not a good first impression with that hospital at all. Well their billing department anyway. The rest of the staff seemed knowledgable and friendly, but yeah. I don’t want to deal with two infants and fight with hospital billing. I do enjoy my tiny little country bumpkin hospital, if nothing else (or very little else) about Nowheresville. 

Really the only reasons I wouldn’t be able to deliver in Nowheresville is if I go into super preterm labor, or I need an emergency c-section. Only because the big hospital has the children’s hospital attached to it and an amazing NICU. In an emergent situation I would want my Littles there, but ONLY in a dire situation. Although depending on the weather when these Littles arrive l may not have an option but to go to Nowheresville. 

I can hike to the local hospital in the snow, the big hospital is a 45min drive on a good day, I’d be lucky if I made it down there without a baby in my arms in the snow… But that’s forever away and completely out of my control so I’m going to do my best not to worry about it. TRY being the operative word there.