In the Basket

I am exhausted. I’ve been out and about running errands since 8:30am Little in tow, and just got home an hour ago. We’ve had a really busy week this week since the weather has been nice and we actually have the car. It started with my doctor’s appointment yesterday and hasn’t stopped until now. lol. Technically I have to get back out and get a few missing items from our grocery list, but I think that can wait.

Speaking of my doctor’s appointment… what a horrible waste of time. I drove thirty minutes to go see my GP for my prescription refill, only to talk to him for five minutes and decide to call my OB because my inhaler is a Schedule C medication. Yes… I paid $20 for my GP to call my OB to refill my prescription… there are times when I really hate the American Medical System, and this is one of those times. The appointment was pretty much pointless, but it did save me $20 in the long run I guess. My co-pay is less expensive for my GP, but from most of my encounters with him so far, it must be because he doesn’t do much aside from refer me elsewhere. lol. Either way, my meds are refilled and I can actually breathe again.

After that, the Little and I went over to drop off some of her old clothes to a friend who recently had a little girl. She has a son my Little’s age so she found some infant boy stuff for me too. lol. I love the Baby Exchange! We stayed over there and hung out for about an hour, then I got a call from Hubs’ mom. She wanted to take the Little out for an impromptu ice cream treat, and of course I jumped at the opportunity to have an hour of sanity. It was nice to have the house entirely to myself for a while, but I paid for it big time when Little returned home.

We’ve been working with her over the past month on picking up her toys in her bedroom before bedtime. She’s been doing pretty well over all, still a lot of resistance because the entire concept of personal responsibility is new to her, but mostly she’s happy to participate. Until last night that is… last night after Mom in Law dropped her off and we headed back to get her ready for bed she flat out refused. Looked me right in the eye and said: “No. I’m tired. I’m not going to pick up my toys.” Which, I mean, can’t really blame her for that. She did have a busy day and it was past her bed time. I probably would have let it slide if I hadn’t told her she had to pick them up before her ice cream treat, and she agreed she would when she got home.

SO, ninety minutes of crying, fussing, refusing to do anything in an epic fit of defiance later, she finally decided to pick up her toys and put them in the basket. She was about to push the limits of my patience right over the edge. This is the first time she has actually truly chosen to defy me with something that is part of her regular routine. I expect some resistance the first few times as we’re introducing new responsibilities, but to have her look at me and tell me no? Oy… I about had a moment. lol.  I achieved a personal victory though in only raising my voice once, then catching myself and continuing without a melt down rage fest.

I’ve never done that with my Little, and I don’t ever plan to, because of how it affected me so much growing up. Yes, my Little takes after me 900%. She is fiercely independent, very stubborn, and highly intelligent. I remember several instances when I too challenged my mother in much the same way, except I was served with screaming, throwing things, and more often than not my toys being thrown away or broken. No matter how much they may try my patience, I will NEVER repeat those experiences for any of my Littles. Needless to say, I think we both grew a little in the circumstance. Which is encouraging, even though in the moment I felt like I was about to explode. lol.

Today, we were running all over creation paying off bills and picking up the last few major purchases for the Twins. I’m glad we’re able to stay in our current house for purely financial reasons. As soon as I finish school and get a job, we’re outta here! lol. Not because I don’t love our house, but because it’s SO FAR AWAY from everything. We spent more of the day stuck in traffic, especially with the summer road construction, than we did in any of the various stores we stopped at. It will be nice to get back into the suburbs, but I’d rather take out loans for school than take on a mortgage at the moment. Especially since we’re still living off of one income. I enjoy my frivolous expenses during the week. I’m not exactly ready to throw those away unless I absolutely have to, and besides we’re established here and I hate moving. Hate moving. LOATH moving in fact. As much as I will love getting back to the suburbs, I am dreading the move with a fiery passion… Especially adding three more people, and all of their stuff into the mix.

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  1. Always nice when we can truly say, “I learned the lesson from my parents, and I’m not going to repeat the mistake.” A lot of us just find other ways of making them.

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  2. I know how you feel about moving. I just moved at the beginning of the month and between trying to locate everything we’re trying to fix the place up :/ good luck!


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