Instant Relief

A few weeks ago I mentioned how we were going to be cashing in on one of our smaller investments to prepare for the Twins. Today we just got the good news that the paperwork went through and we should have our cash by the end of the week! *victory dance* It’s not a huge sum, but it is a nice shot in the arm. We’ll be able to pay off all of the hospital bills, credit card, second quarter property tax, buy all of my breastfeeding supplies, and not only finish the flooring in the Twins’ room, but also redo the Little’s room! It gives us a whole lot more flexibility with our finances getting 75% of our extra bills taken care of. We still have utilities and groceries etc but all of the extra stuff is completely out of the way until January.

It took a giant bucket of stress right off my mind. Stuff I didn’t even really think I was worried about, but apparently had been subconsciously worrying about. lol. I can tell because after receiving that awesome news and heading off to the gym for the morning I am exhausted. In a good relaxed way, but exhausted none the less. Although part of it might be because I haven’t had my asthma meds in almost a week. Thankfully, I have my appointment for my prescription refill this afternoon.

Little and I also have a play date with one of Hubs’ coworkers and her little. I was going through Little’s closet and found a few bags of old clothes we’d been hanging onto until we knew the genders of our new Littles. Since we don’t need them and Hubs’ coworker just had a baby girl, we’re doing the customary t a ds clothes exchange. lol. It’s a little sad getting rid of all of my baby girl things. It just kind of solidifies the fact that my Little girl is growing up… *sniffles*