Almost There

Well I had a pretty relaxing and very productive weekend. We’re nearly finished with the Twins’ room, just have to mud a few more joints, paint, and install the flooring. We’ve been mudding forever but the previous owners of our house decided it was a GREAT idea to redo the entire interior drunk. Not one single redone wall in the place is straight so we’ve had to get creative with joint compound in a lot of spots. It will look good when we get it all finished, but it takes a lot of time for multiple layers to dry, sand down, rinse, repeat. Especially when Hubs is only available on the weekends to help with it. 

I have the ability to mud, but my technique annoys Hubs. He’s got some pretty severe OCD and at this point it’s just easier to let him do things his way than irritate his OCD. Lol. I’m doing my best to be patient and give him the time he needs but I just want to get it finished so we can move all the baby gear out of Little’s room and start setting up the furniture. It’s not a necessity just yet, but I’ll feel better when it’s out of the way, especially since I’m starting to lose some of my mobility.

Speaking of mobility little B2 about tore out of the womb trying to flip around yesterday. We were walking through Menard’s and I actually had to stop because his little legs were jutting into my side so hard you could actually see a little lump. It didn’t last long (thankfully) as he wiggled his way around into a new position but dear goodness was it ever painful. I’m actually kind of afraid what’s going to happen when he decides to flip before birth unless that’s what he was doing yesterday. Lol.

Little B1 is already head down right ontop of my cervix. He’s more of a wiggler. He squirms about, kicking and stretching but rarely does he MOVE out of his original position. B2 is quiet aside from a few little kicks and such through out the day, or major repositioning takes place. B1 has also had hiccups just about every evening, but I haven’t felt any from B2 just yet. 

Also, weirdest feeling EVER getting in the pool yesterday. I never had the opportunity to swim when I was pregnant with my first Little, but we were spending time at the in law’s anyway so I took the initiative to bring my suit.  It was the most GLORIOUS feeling having all that strain and weight just sort of disappear when I waded in. Little got in too, and actually did pretty well with her arm floaties. She still had a death grip on my hand the entire time she was in the water, but she didn’t try to climb on top of me to get out this season. Lol. 

Last year it was too cold to swim, so she missed a season. She LOVED the water when I first started taking her, but after missing a season she wanted nothing to do with it. I’m honestly surprised she did as well as she did. I really need to sign her up for swimming lessons… Guess I’ll add that to the list of things I need to do, which is growing ever so long these days lol.