The Hale Legacy Lives!!

Today has been one giant whirlwind of a day. All glorious, wonderful, happy news but SO MUCH to process. lol. We left the house at 8:30am and I’m just now getting a chance to sit down at my computer at almost 4:30pm.


Allow me to introduce these two little blobs as the heirs to the House of Hale. That’s right! Boys! Two, perfectly healthy, little boys. All of their measurements were right on target, their little legs, arms, and spines were straight and healthy, their weight was perfect both coming in at exactly eight ounces, and there is no shadow of a doubt about their genders lol. I wish I had better pictures of their faces, because little A down there on the bottom right (who will be known on the blog as B1) looks JUST like Hubs and Little. No doubt about it he inherited the Allen nose, and even Hubs’ Greek Toe! Little B, the top left (B2 on the blog because he will be the second born if all goes well with a natural birth) on the other hand looks MUCH more like me, almost to the point of looking like my dad actually. He has a Twomey nose and perfectly sloped toes like me.

You could clearly see it on the scan itself, but they started getting wiggly toward the end and wouldn’t sit still for anymore pictures. I can’t wait to meet them at birth. It’s going to be so awesome to see their difference in physical characteristics live in the flesh instead of on a blobby little ultrasound monitor. Also, because they are so strikingly different, and mega fraternal, EVERYONE was super surprised that we ended up with two boys! Never would have guessed that we would have had the same gender of two strikingly different babies. Their heart rates did level out in the past few weeks since I was seen last, coming in at 140 and 143, but never in a million years would we have guessed.

I mean, it’s exactly what I wanted/hoped/prayed/waited for two little boys, but to have it finally confirmed? My brain is still having a hard time with it. lol. It makes me even more excited to know that my special bonding time with my oldest Little will be a lot easier to accomplish because now we can go do girl things together, and I can still call her Baby Girl. We’ve sort of been trying to transition away from that over the past few months just in case we had another girl, but it’s what Hubs and I have always called her, so it was exceptionally difficult. Now, it’s no longer an issue! She’ll always be my Baby Girl.

Even MORE awesome news… Because we have twins of the same gender, selling and buying a house is no longer a top priority! We can relax and get used to our kiddos before we have to move instead of running on a time limit due to Indiana’s crazy CPS standards. Which means I can focus on all the schooling I want instead of rushing through my bachelors just to get a job.

Today, has been an exceptionally good day. I’m kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop somewhere because things have been simply TOO good, but that’s probably just my cynical PTSD brain kicking up in the midst of all the excitement. lol. We do still have a long way to go in this pregnancy, and I am still at high risk for preterm labor so I’m trying not to count my chickens, but… I think I deserve to be excited and not stressed the ef out for a few hours.