Breathing is Important

So…. upon taking my inhaler this morning I realized that I only have one dose left. I’ve been so busy worrying about our ultrasound tomorrow I completely neglected to schedule a follow up appointment to get a refill for my meds! *facepalm*

Not too much of an issue, except I tried to call the doctors office all afternoon and no one answered. Something was messed up with their phone system, so being that we had to drive right past the doctors office to get to the grocery store this afternoon I decided to stop in. I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again, I love my doctor I just wish he had his own office instead of being lumped in with the walk-in clinic. The nurses and receptionist are rude as ef, even when I’m there with an appointment, and ESPECIALLY when I told them I needed a refill on my prescription.

I did wander in after my work out so I was sweaty, flush, and in my raggedy gym clothes, but still. They don’t know what kind of medication I need, to automatically assume it’s pain meds just irks me beyond belief. It’s only at the clinic too. I don’t have any other issues with any other office in the network. I would just switch doctors, except that every other doctor’s office is booked to high heaven for new patient appointments. I st last time I checked it was something like a six to eight month waiting period just to be seen by the doctor and another few months to have any labs done. So… I guess I’ll just have to tolerate the rude staff at the clinic, at least until I can get a refillable prescription or something.

I’m hoping that my lungs cooperate over the weekend. The first available appointment my doctor had was next Tuesday, and I’ll take my last dose tonight. I should be okay since I’ve been missing doses here and there recently just out of frazzled pregnancy brain and I haven’t had too many issues, plus I still have my emergency inhaler if things do still flair up, but almost a week with out meds is really going to mess me up. The plight of mother’s everywhere. Taking care of too many other people and completely forgetting to take care of themselves. lol.

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  1. I’m not sure actually. I originally got the prescription from the clinic, and they don’t do prescription refills there for liability reasons. I haven’t talked to my GP yet. Possibly after I get one from him, but not at the moment. I’ll have to check… 🙂

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