A Twitter With Anticipation

48 MORE HOURS… well not exactly 48 more hours, but two days until we have our gender ultrasound and find out who are new Littles might be. I’m sorry, but I’m one of those neanderthals who believes your physical genitalia dictates your gender. Which doesn’t necessarily shape who they ARE so much as what I’ll name them and how I’ll dress them until they’re old enough to make decisions for themselves. MADNESS. I know, but I think they’ll survive.

ANYWAY… Yes… in just two days I will get to see my Littles and learn all sorts of fun facts about them, while they’re still snuggled up all cozy inside me. It’s so amazing, and so creepy at the same time. Especially when they do the 3D ultrasounds and I get to see their little faces. I don’t know what to do with my excitement! lol. There is also a little bit of worry attached as well. I’m gaining weight, but I’m still pretty smallish for a second pregnancy with twins. It makes me anxious about their growth. My first Little was exactly average in all of her stats until she was 18 months old, my diet and over all health is MUCH improved over my first pregnancy so I don’t really have any REASON to be worried, especially since I can feel them both kicking around daily, but I’m having a hard time accepting my smallish size.


Yes… fellow women, you can all hate me now for complaining about remaining small during a multiple pregnancy. It does seem like a dumb thing to be worried about, I’m very much aware, but still. We’re barely half way there and there are still so many things that could go wrong before they’re born. Multiples are just overwhelming and scary all around. I don’t know how those poor women giving birth to 4+ survived the anxiety associated with pregnancy, let alone the pregnancy itself. I’m having trouble keeping track of movement with two, I couldn’t imagine always being on the look out for movement with more than two.

Speaking of keeping track of movement, they’ve shifted. I used to be able to tell exactly who was who based on where they were, but now A has shifted somewhere lower closer to B and while I can still tell there are two distinct sets of movement, I can’t tell which is which anymore. It was much less nerve wrecking when I got poked in the left ovary knowing it was A, and kicked in the right side of my bladder knowing it was B. Now it’s just a jumble of movement all over the place. lol. Thankfully they’ve both kept to their schedules. A always kicks around in the morning, and B is always more active at night. Unless they’ve decided to switch that up on me too. Good Lord, do you see what I mean? lol.

If I can’t keep track of them in the womb I don’t know what I’m going to do with them once they get out.

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  1. Thank you everyone. 🙂 It IS a very exciting moment. Even more exciting since this is my last pregnancy and we are REALLY hoping for a boy. As long as they’re healthy that’s the most important part, but oh to find out we’re having a boy will send me over the moon with joy. lol.


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