I believe my Little is starting to comprehend the fact that she’s going to have to share me in a few months. She has been exceptionally clingy, asking about her baby brothers or sisters constantly, and is getting a little concerned with all of these new clothes and toys that aren’t for her. She has also taken to calling me “MY Mama” instead of just my usual Mama.

I don’t mind her extra snuggles. Much like she is feeling insecure about sharing me I’m going to miss my special one on one time with her.  Obviously she’s still going to get alone time with me somewhere in the madness of two newborns, but it won’t ever be just us again. She and I shared all these amazing adventures and experiences together in her first three years, but she will barely remember them if at all. With three I won’t be able to hop on a plane and fly to Seattle on a whim, I won’t be able to take off on random road trips to nowhere in particular. I mean if we’re being honest here just getting to the grocery store is going to be a massive challenge until the Twins are toddling. Especially since they’re going to be winter babies.

It never really fazed me taking Little out in the cold when she was an infant, but with two and a toddler to get ready before even leaving the house? Bah hahahahahahahah!! Right… Only when absolutely necessary, or with the help of Hubs or the nanny for the first few months. Which I think scares me more than anything else. The fact that I’ll be losing my independence practically over night.

There is a saying when it comes to the number of kids you have: “One is like none, two is like ten, and three? Well after that you just stop counting.” I’m going from one to three with zero prep in between. Where I was once frustrated by the age difference between our Littles as we struggled to conceive, now I’m like THANK GOD this didn’t happen any sooner!! Lol.

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  1. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out how to handle having a toddler and twin babies really quickly! 🙂 And I’m sure your little one will adjust very quickly to the idea that she’s going to have two little siblings 🙂


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