I’ve sat at my computer with the intention to start a fictional piece for CampNaNoWriMo, since Sunday and the words will just not flow. I’ve got too many other things on my mind trying to keep the house in order for creativity to even begin to have a chance. I don’t really have much time these days as the Little is growing out of the Narcissistic stage and into the Social stage. She wants to spend time with me ALL DAY LONG. She doesn’t really want to DO anything specific most of the time, but she wants to BE with me and she wants my complete attention at all times while she’s with me. I understand it’s an important normal part of her development so I’m doing my best to reasonably accommodate her, especially before the Twins arrive. So even though I started out with the best intentions, NaNo went by the wayside once again.

In other news, we were outside most of the day on the 4th (surprise! lol) and when it started to get dark these massive crazy aggressive mosquitos descended upon us in a frenzy I’d never seen before even in the middle of the Amazon. We all suffered quite a few bites, but uncharacteristically they didn’t begin to itch until TODAY five days after the fact. Now it’s like the ninth circle of hell around here. My skin was already itchy and dry from pregnancy, but now I have bites swelling up like balloons and itching like mad. It’s so weird. Hubs has the same thing so I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the pregnancy hormones. I’ve just never had a bug bite with such a delay in reaction before.

Of course I’ve never seen these types of mosquitos before either. They were massive, as far as mosquitos are concerned anyway and they were traveling in a swarm. It was almost like getting attacked by killer bees the way they all showed up at once and were relatively impervious to citronella candles and bug repellant. Of course, being pregnant I didn’t actually use any of the bug repellant myself, but I did sit in a ring of citronella candles and spray some on my shoes. Still… eaten alive with delayed reaction bug bites.

I wonder if they were those crazy GMO mosquitos that are supposed to help control the over all mosquito population? They weren’t the standard striped ones we usually have… If I start writing political propaganda for the administration in the next few days, we’ll know it was all just a secret government mind control plot!

Hey! I think I might have just found some inspiration for some fiction… lol

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