Holiday Adventures

This 4th was amazing. The weather was perfect, the Little had a great time, she even managed to enjoy the fireworks, and socializing with the In-Laws was only minimally annoying. lol.

We started the day off heading to the local parade. It isn’t much of a parade, usually just a few local businesses, the high school marching bands, and emergency vehicles. But it’s the annual tradition and the kids enjoy it for the most part. My Little really didn’t have any interest in it, but she did have fun sitting on her blanket blowing bubbles and eating candy.

Ignoring the parade in favor of a Tootsie Pop. lol.
After that we returned to Bro and Sis in Law’s house for the remainder of the evening. The kids played on a Slip n Slide for hours. It was the first time my Little had ever seen one so she didn’t do much slipping and sliding so much as just splashing in the end wading pool part, but she had so much fun, PLUS she didn’t have any accidents in her swim suit! She’s still pretty hesitant to commit to using the toilet, but she’s getting much better about telling me when she has to go, and is sort of slowly warming up to the idea. lol.

While the kids were playing in the water, us adults kept ourselves entertained with a yard game called Ladder Ball. It’s basically like a corn hole, or horse shoe type game. Two targets you aim for with these little sand filled balls on strings. Bro in Law had been the reigning champion for most of the afternoon, remaining undefeated for something like 35 games. It was all in good fun, but after about four hours of observation I decided to break out the softball pitching skills and put an end to his streak. I won by one point and really the only thing it came down to was who took the first turn, which just happened to be him. Either way, after winning and ending his reign the game quickly fizzled out and turned into Extreme Frisbee for the rest of the evening.

We had a perfect view of the town fireworks from Bro and Sis in Law’s front yard, not quite as impressive as our friends who live on the other side of town, but my Little enjoyed it much more this year because they weren’t so close or loud. We were going to head home around dark just to avoid the fireworks for Little’s sake, but she was having so much fun she really wanted to stay and when we asked her if she wanted to watch the fireworks she said yes. She snuggled right up next to me and watched about 90% of the entire show.

Silly selfies with Hubs.

Little super excited at the beginning of the fireworks display.
We did leave pretty much immediately after the fireworks were over as it was almost three hours past the Little’s bedtime and she missed her nap due to the parade. That probably wasn’t the best idea since Hubs rode his bike. It didn’t occur to us, but there were a whole bunch of people setting off their own fireworks in our neighborhood and through out town. Hubs almost got hit by a few getting launched in our neighborhood as he drove by, and the smoke was so think I could barely see. It was the most exciting part of the day really, getting home. lol.

Over all it was a really busy, but very good day. Sunday we all went out as a family and started buying clothes for the Twins. I found the cutest little matching sleepers, and we found a super sale on onesies! Can’t go wrong with 10 for 10, especially now that we’re preparing for two. I had forgotten just how teeny tiny newborn clothes actually are until we started looking at them. I can’t wait until I get to enjoy newborn snuggles again. Toddler snuggles are nice and all, but newborn snuggles are the best. Especially since that’s pretty much all they want to do until they get old enough to start exploring on their own. lol.

Hubs is eagerly counting down the days until our gender ultrasound. EVERYONE thinks we’re going to have one of each since they are super-faternal, meaning there is beyond all doubt that they were two separate eggs and are developing as two completely separate babies who just happen to be in the same womb. I’m not sure… My Mommy senses are feeling boy, but with two in there I’m not committing to either. Plus, my body hasn’t really changed all that much aside from my bump now that the influx of hormones has leveled out. I don’t have the crazy swelling or acne that I did with my first Little, which would tend to indicate a balance of both male and female hormones but I also started out this pregnancy living a much more healthy lifestyle.

Soooooo…. I mean right now the only old wives tale we have to go on is the astounding difference in heart rate between Babies A and B. Both within a completely healthy normal range, but oh so very different lol. There’s only ten more days until we find out for sure… but I think the excitement just might kill me lol. I’m honestly more worried about them being healthy, which adds a little bit of anxiety to tthhe anticipation. Thus far they’ve both measured well, and now that they’re getting bigger their movement ratio is about the same, they each have their own placentae so really…. unless another crazy unforeseen complication pops up out of nowhere I don’t really have anything to worry about. I will keep right on worrying until we get it over with, but technically, logically, I shouldn’t be. lol.