Hello, July!

So… I got so sidetracked and flustered last week I totally forgot to mention the Twins are doing fine. I had my 16 week appointment and everything looked great! My subchorionic hemorrhage cleared up completely which means I can FINALLY be intimate with my husband again. Four months has been the longest dry spell I’ve had in like… seven years when Hubs and I started dating. lol. It was just about to kill me, plus it should help a lot with any lingering anxiety I might have.

While we don’t officially find out the gender of the Twins until the 16th, we’re fairly certain we have one of each. At least according to all the old wives tales anyway lol. I’ll be glad when we know for sure, and honestly it doesn’t really matter as long as they’re both healthy. I’m really enjoying getting to distinguish the differences between each of the Littles in utero. Baby A is feisty, loves to wiggle around, has a higher heart rate, and fought off the doctor just like my Big Kid before she was born. A was kicking around and pushing the doppler probe away as the doctor was trying to corral them to get their heart rate lol. Baby B on the other hand, is quite shy. Instead of fighting with the doctor instead they tried to hide behind Baby A, have a lower heart rate, and are generally more quiet all together. Still completely healthy so nothing to really worry about yet, it’s just SO WEIRD to be able to distinguish their individual personalities already at such a young age.

I mean, it’s not really their personality so much since they aren’t even born yet, but I guess a better way to describe it would be their behaviors which will play a huge defining roll in their eventual personalities. They are so completely unique already and it’s really an exciting experience. I get to enjoy the excitement a bit more now that we’ve made it over the really scary first trimester. Of course with twins I only get a few week reprieve before the worry starts all over again until birth. Still, a mostly positive experience!

I am ever so slowly gaining weight (FINALLY) which I suppose isn’t really an awful problem to have. I’m still a few pounds behind, but my doctor said as long as I’m eating enough my body will catch up eventually. Only gaining four pounds after sixteen weeks of pregnancy? Well… I GUESS if my metabolism wants to keep working that well I’ll allow it as long as I pack on enough pounds to keep the Littles healthy.

In other news, I completely forgot about CampNaNo after all of the shenanigans in the past week so I’m grossly unprepared and not sure if I’ll participate or not, plus Hubs and I have plans for the upcoming holiday and if I do get around to starting anything it will be late anyway. We’ll have to see how the rest of the month goes I guess. I do have 31 entire days. I’m sure I can come up with something before the month is out, even if I don’t make the traditional 50k word count goal. It will just take a moment to see when inspiration strikes I guess…

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