Well I feel about a million times better, my anxiety has disappeared and my emotions have stabilized. Twitter saves the day!! For those who don’t know, there was a scheduled live chat with the author of the 50 Shades book series using the tag #AskELJames. 

Now since we’re all on the internet blogging I’m going to assume you all know how Twitter and hashtags work, but just in case there is an Internet newbie or two out there the little symbol “#” followed by a string of connected words denotes a group of different people all discussing the same topic. It makes it easy to follow along with things, and connect with people with similar views on whatever the subject might be. If you search for #blahblah anyone with public posts who have used #blahblah at anytime will show up in your search. It’s just kind of one of those nifty social network things to get people talking. 

ANYWAY… So #AskELJames was trending yesterday and simply out of curiosity I decided to check it out. I’m so glad I did. The overwhelming response sharing my own views on the book/movies (which you can read here) was amazing to see. I’m not sure if it helped me to see that I wasn’t alone in my crusade, or the fact that I was able to voice my opinions on the matter directly to the EL’s PR people, but my few little tweets lifted a giant weight off my shoulders. It’s an amazing feeling to have your voice heard even though it was completely ignored.

In fact, Ms. James was quickly blocking and ignoring everyone and anyone who mentioned anything about abuse and her books having an impact on survivors of domestic abuse. Which really just puts her THAT MUCH HIGHER on the list of celebrities that annoy me. If you’re going to write something controversial at least have the balls to back up your work… But that’s just me, and really not the point of the post at all. Lol. 

Of course there were also many tweets that were just plain rude and brutish as twitter’s pack mentality tends to inspire the worst in people, but most of them where spot on calling her out on the subject matter. I believe her only official response was that those who were referring to her “romance” as poorly written chronicals of abuse “haters”. 

Right… Way to be mature about it. Although, playing the devil’s advocate here for a moment: perhaps her books weren’t simply based on Twilight fan fiction. Maybe she did go through some horrible form of domestic abuse herself and has chosen denial as her coping mechanism of choice..? Maybe she fictionalized and romanticized her own story in an effort to heal…? If that was the case why not just say so? Instead of having an entire group of people seemingly stacked up against her, she could have the resounding support of fellow survivors. 

*shrugs* Idk, I can see where it would make sense psychologically but, personally I think it’s a waste of time to lie about your experiences trying to erase or embellish them. It’s much more healthy to come to terms with everything and accept things as they really were, even if it isn’t pretty or glamorous or romantic…. But I suppose that’s easier said than done when denial rules.

I have one more question: what happened to you EL? #askELjames

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  1. That’s funny, but not surprising, that you got blocked. People like that cannot bear to have themselves exposed by truth or honesty… hence the Barack Obama “autobiography”.

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  2. Lol yeah…. I shared a meme on my FB not too long ago that said: “and that’s the reason I’m not allowed to go there anymore.” Basically the same. XD


  3. What is really disgusting about this book is that it demonizes consensual non-abusive kink relationships by breaking concrete rules to make consent count within those relationships. Many novices reading the books have cited them as an example of a kink lifestyle, when in fact, it is anything but.

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  4. YES. This too. I’m actually surprised more of the BDSM community didn’t take more of an issue with it, although I think most advocating for abuse survivors do a pretty good job of outlining the difference between healthy and unhealthy BDSM behaviors.

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