Things We Take For Granted

The past few days have been extremely hectic and overwhelming. It’s just been one thing after another piling up and bringing out the PTSD/BPD like I haven’t experienced it in quite a few months. Nothing about the individual events was really significant, it was just a whole bunch of little things that kept popping up without a break. Plus, I surpassed my previous record of 3 months without an episode. Four months! Whoo! I’m sure the pregnancy hormones aren’t helping much, but I really needed to take a break and regroup. Last night after the Little went to bed I locked myself in my bedroom and enjoyed complete and absolute silence. It was GLORIOUS, and after a goodnight’s sleep and a good workout this morning I’m feeling almost like my self again.

At least until about 11:30 this afternoon. We narrowly missed having a small tornado take out a good chunk of the neighborhood. It wasn’t a technical tornado because it never touched the ground, but the weather sirens were sounded and it blew right over our house. Of course the weather sirens are always sounded on Friday’s at 11:30 for our usual test, so when I pulled up the weather and didn’t see any warnings or any strong storms I didn’t pay much attention to the sirens. Hubs was in the shower getting ready for work, I was in the living room and the Little was watching TV. I heard the sirens, followed by the wind picking up and what I thought was an early train heading down the tracks behind our neighbors house. Still thinking it was a little odd that the county would test the weather sirens in the middle of a thunder storm, I kept checking various news outlets and watching the radar, but nothing appeared or popped up. So we went on about our afternoon.

We’re still down to one car at the moment having a bear of a time trying to find a fitting for the Jeep, and I wanted to take the Little out for lunch as a special treat so we all piled into the car and drove to Hubs’ usual stop at a local gas station. He walked in and when he came back he was surprised to announce that there had actually been a funnel cloud spotted before the sirens were sounded. As more details came we realized the sound we thought was an early train was actually the funnel passing over the neighborhood. SO… that kind of shook both Hubs and I up a little bit, and I finally realized how people meet their demise in the midst of bad weather even with all of the advanced warning systems in place.

Every single one of the early warning systems failed in this case, mostly due to circumstance. If it had happened at any other time during the day, or any other day of the week the sirens wouldn’t have been ignored. 11:30 on a Friday, and no one paid any attention. Thankfully it wasn’t serious, and no damage was inflicted or people were hurt but we were lucky. If the storm front had been just a little more potent it could have touched down and we would have been obliviously sitting right in it’s path.

It did make the rest of the annoyances building up on me seem rather trivial, which I suppose worked out for the best, and certainly reminded me of all the things we take for granted.

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