15 Week Stretch

Everything hurts. My abs and hips are getting torn asunder by these rapidly growing little people pushing my uterus to it’s limits. I had a horrible time with my first Little around 15 weeks too, so I was at least expecting it this time and didn’t freak out thinking I had inadvertently thrown myself into early labor, but that doesn’t make it less painful or uncomfortable lol.

I did get to feel little Baby B kicking around and squirming on their own the other day. Baby B is VERY quite compared to Baby A who has been bouncing around almost non stop since I could distinguish movement. They both have healthy heart beats and are growing at a steady rate so Baby B isn’t UNHEALTHY, but they’re just more quiet than their womb mate. Or their position is just different enough that I can’t really feel all of their movements yet. One of the two. Either way, it was a very special moment to feel them exclusively wiggling around in there with out competition from Baby A. It dulled the pain in my abs ever so slightly. lol.

I also have a stress migraine. It’s nearing July and July has always been a difficult month for me. Lots of memories associated with various different events in July that just sort of get bottled up and pushed aside. I’m NOT, however, having any nightmares or flashbacks this year and that is an amazing improvement. I think the stress is mostly just a dreaded anticipation of the anniversaries coming up. I’ve historically had issues with them, and even now NOT having issues with them my brain is still stuck in that sort of… not exactly muscle memory, but it’s like the same. When you’re in a pattern of turmoil for so long, even the lack of turmoil is enough to set off a chemical land slide.

Which isn’t entirely difficult to do with the already stormy pregnancy hormone seas. lol. So far it’s just been chemical and I haven’t really had any emotional reactions. Those are the ones that always get me in trouble. Fingers crossed everyone! lol