My parents came up this weekend and helped us get the Twins room together, in the process getting a whole bunch of other stuff out of the way too. There are only a few little projects left to finish, which I can busy myself with through out the week, and our house will be completely DONE for the first time since we moved in almost three years ago. Which is AWESOME since we’ll be putting it on the market sooner rather than later.

Once we get all of our little projects finished I’m actually having our Relator come through and give us an informal appraisal so we can start working on our list of things to change before we sell. lol. You know, little things like my neon yellow kitchen, and purple bathroom. Comfy and cozy for The House of Hale while living here, not so much for selling the house to the public at large.

Mom also helped me get every stitch of laundry folded and every dish washed and put away. Which is awesome on one hand, and kind of annoying on the other because now my whole cleaning routine is thrown off. lol. Meh, I shouldn’t complain. At least now I have more time to work on painting the Twins’ room I guess. Yes, I’m going to be one of those pregnant ladies, painting all the things. As long as the paint doesn’t irritate my asthma anyway. It’s never bothered me before, but lots of things have never bothered me before this pregnancy.

We had a pretty nice Father’s Day all around. Got to have breakfast with my family, and a cookout with Hubs’ family later in the afternoon. The Little was adorable delivering all the cards to her grandpas. She still has a little trouble with her “fa” sounds so every time she would shout out her sentiment she would say: “Happy Mother’s Day!” lol. It was adorable. Hubs loved the card our Little picked out. We actually gave it to him a bit earlier in the week because he’s been feeling a bit under the weather recently.


She wanted the shark card as soon as we walked down the aisle and she saw it. I picked it up and really after reading it couldn’t say no. I much prefer the campy funny cards as opposed to the serious sentimental cards. I don’t know it just seems disingenuous to me to buy a pre-made card with some deep sentiment. If I want to be mushy and such I’ll buy a blank card and fill it myself.

In other news, I was FINALLY able to complete a workout with out scaling today. I do still scale a lot of things for pregnancy, but today just happened to be stuff I could actually do with out scaling and it made my heart happy. lol. I’m starting to think it’s more frustrating having to scale everything, than just not working out at all. It’s too easy and it gets boring quickly. One of the reasons I fell in love with CrossFit in the first place was the fact it was always different and always a different challenge to tackle daily. Being limited in what I can do is frustrating, but then again I’m pretty frustrated when I’m limited doing ANYTHING so… lol. I think that might just be me and something I need to continue to work on.