50 Shades of Nope

I wrote this piece back in February upon the original release of the movie, but felt it was worth sharing again since the most recent book in the series has topped the best sellers list.

I’ve been doing really well the past few months in regards to my PTSD, but watching this rise to popularity again and again, plus seeing how many others like myself who choose to speak out be attacked and relentlessly trolled has become a rather sensitive trigger. I welcome all comments, but it might take me a day or two to reply. Please read and share.

The Patchwork Diaries

Okay… so this is something I’ve stayed out of until recently for several reasons.

1) I’m not exactly the poster child for healthy relationship dynamics.

2) What people like in the bedroom is as different and unique as the stars in the sky, and I don’t like to place judgement on anyone’s personal preferences as long as no one is getting hurt or taken advantage of.

3) I used to be that innocent 20 something just sort of starting out in life inexperienced, curious, and adventurous.

4) In 2011 when the book was first making it’s rounds, I wasn’t in a healthy place emotionally or mentally and couldn’t read it.

Now, on the eve of the movie release after skimming countless pro and con reviews (I still refuse to read the entire book and I’ll explain why here in a moment) I feel that I should speak up about this…

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5 thoughts on “50 Shades of Nope

  1. That’s like crap music, calling women bitches and hoes and drug dealers soldiers. The thing is that these musicians are sending these messages to the streets, the people in the streets follow the songs, commit crimes, treat people badly, society frowns upon it, so it become a racial issue, instead of a “your music is messing up out country issue.”

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  2. I did watch the movie with my husband, read the books… I enjoyed them, but I know better. I think just like the music, it is the parents job to teach our kids right from wrong because ugly is everywhere sometimes even in family members. My mom want the greatest mom, but she always emphasized on the consequences to my actions. I still made mistakes, buy I always questioned things, if that makes sense.

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  3. Exactly. It’s not so much the material itself I have issue with, it’s the way it’s been presented to the public. I read a recap of the first chapter of the new book today and it’s worse than I thought. I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to continue reading even the highly abridged recaps. BUT that’s mostly due to my own personal issues with it. If people enjoy the books and understand the difference between fiction and reality I’m okay with that. To each their own, it just scares me to see young innocent girls being swept up into it without having the knowledge or experience to tell the difference.


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